Intrepid Update


Hey, just a quick note to anyone following Inevitibiliy.

Don't worry, I haven't walked away from the story. In fact, before I began posting, I made sure to write far enough ahead to avoid any lengthy posting delays. Unfortunately, I fell victim to that whole "Mice and Men:" thing.

Last year I developed a vision impairment that came on me suddenly and got worse very quickly.

I went from struggling to write to not being able to write at all. Or even read, for that matter. I was forced to take medical leave, then wait a good three months for the surgery I needed to restore my sight.

December finally arrived, surgery is done, and my vision is back to all its former less-than-perfect glory.
The next chapter should drop within the next few weeks. Future chapters won't post as timely as they did in the beginning, but at least they'll continue on something like a schedule.

Also, I can began reading other works here at BBS again, which is nice!

Thanks to those of you who still follow! And have a great week.
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I can sympathize with your vision loss, and I'm glad to read that the surgery worked for you. My vision issues can not be corrected by surgery, and I am having to use magnification and a screen reader to function on the computer. I had to take medical leave as well, so I totally understand what you were going through. If it wasn't for audiobooks, and ebooks I'd be lost trying to read anything.

It'll be good to read some new Intrepid stories. Looking forward to it.
Same here. Take your time, take care of yourself first and then, when you feel up to it, we’ll be here, eagerly awaiting your next installment.