Impossible Inventions card game I created. Feedback?

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Maximum7, Nov 23, 2017.

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    I've decided to make a card game where the player is a brilliant scientist and is trying to create various inventions. These inventions should be considered "impossible" for humanity right now. So far I've came up with
    -Antimatter Rocket
    -Space Elevator
    -Fusion Reactor
    -Dyson Sphere
    -Quantum Computer
    -Time Dilation Device
    -Wormhole Generator
    -Faster than Light Drive
    -Hard Hologram
    I have 10 ideas but I'd like to start out with 20. Does anybody have ideas for 10 future inventions that are far beyond human creation. Jetpack and Laser weapon are not good examples because we technically can make them, we just haven't mass produced them yet. I'm looking for 10 truly futuristic ideas that are "impossible"
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    Erm, some experts reckon we already have quantum computers. Ones that can do interesting tasks such as quantum system simulation with more than 1000 qubits might be problematic because of having to deal with decoherence and error correction.

    Fusion reactors such as JET are a reality - making them commercially practical is the problem. That's what reactor such as ITER are supposed to do although I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.

    By teleporter, I assume you mean a teleporter that works to convey the quantum state of macroscopic objects rather than photons or simple molecules.

    I would add time travel to the past - it's theoretically possible (for example, Tipler cylinder) but probably not practical without a source of negative energy to create a stable wormhole.

    Also, i think that scaling down very complex macromachines such as computers with any sophisticated degree of AI to the nano level is a very long way off. Simple nanomachines don't appear to be a problem - evolution has already beaten us to it with lots of cellular examples that we can exploit.
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    -Intelligent life
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    Freeze Ray (either kind)
    Mobile City (treads or tracks)
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