If James T Kirk and Kathryn Janeway both served on the same ship...

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    I didn't go to this con, but I love the bits this gal has uploaded, and the weird way she edited it all together.


    (The interviews are divided up and scattered throughout the 1 1/2 video.)


    Lots of William Shatner bits scattered through this Con report from Vegas... most of it is with Joel Grey (Cabaret, ST Voyager) and Kate Mulgrew.

    (OMG! I wish I had gone to this convention! What a hoot!)

    Here he responds to Kate Mulgrew's question... what would he have done/become if Trek had not happened?


    Here he's talking about a book he's writing.


    And soon after ^ that clip, he's bantering with Joel Grey about going up for "Caberet".

    Mulgrew quizzing him again on hisbody of work


    Shatner asking about Netflix & OitNB...


    Kate asks Bill about his view of death.


    Bill talks about a new album in release... "Ponder the Mystery"


    He responds to an audience question about Roddenbury... and I like how he explained why he won't answer the "asked" question.


    Talking about meeting Joel Grey years ago.


    Bill congratulates Mulgrew's passion over her OitNB caharacter, and relates it to his passions over characters in his life.


    Bill talks about what makes him curious and how things come into his life.


    Bill responds to Kate's contention that 95% of what happens on set IS naughty.


    Designing a watch with Shatner. Coming to a gift shop near you?


    Quizzing his Cabaret buddy & talks about breaking up in a scene.


    Shatner polls the audience, do they feel gypped when the actor (Mulgrew) on stage laughs (out of character).


    Bill takes audience more questions about horses and Michael Ansara.


    And now a question for the quintessential Masculine Trek Captain, and his Feminine Trek Captain counterpart...

    if they served TOGETHER... which one would be Captain and which one would be the First Officer??? :drool:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=wPqVV-Ujh8k&t=4925 :guffaw:

    If you are a big DS9/Terry Farrell fan... most of her talk is also seeded throughout this entire video!

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    Re: If James T Kirk and Kathryn Janeway both served on the same ship..

    They would be the power couple, that's for sure.