IDW revisiting Mirror Universe

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    They're isolated, why would they have a connection to Bajor? the KCA is probably blockading the system as best as possible, blocking communications and all that.
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    Plus, it is the Empire. Why would they give a shit if they are running a human slave ring in the Bajor system?
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    Granted I've not read this series yet (I wait for the TP these days) but some thoughts on this discussion based on what I know of the plot:

    The Terran Empire is basically just the Sol system now, with Picard commanding the Stargazer defending it from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. For all we know, the series ends with them failing and MU Earth falls to the Alliance. Or even if it is still unconquered by the time of the DS9 episodes, it's not too much to believe the Alliance would have a propaganda machine in place to suppress this info. After all, don't want those human slaves and resistance fighters hearing their homeworld is still defying the Alliance, might inspire them, give them hope or something.
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    I guess it can work if one ignores the novels that move on from the DS9 episodes and humans realise that their Imperial ancestors were a bunch of racist assholes with delusions of granduer and give democracy a go with the Galactic Commonwealth. But that means, the novels turn the Mirror universe into a wannabe Prime one.
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    Novels never were canon, and these comics aren't required to be consistent with them. Which has always been SOP among Trek tie-ins anyway.
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    So *our* universe is the mirror universe... :(
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    Yeah, unless it's specifically set up as being part of the novelverse, like Wildstorm's DS9 miniseries and the first NF graphic novel, then the comics (probably) aren't going to be a part of it. Even IDW's NF comic, which was written by Peter David and was intended to be part of the NF series, isn't consistent with the rest of the novelverse.
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    No clear indications, but there are two things that allow us to make a reasonable guess. In the FCBD issue, the interview with the authors discussed the Yar character's role in the story. They said they thought her career should be "short", as in the Prime universe. Also, the plot of the story revolves around the newly-constructed Galaxy Class Enterprise. Given that technological advancements seem to move at a similar pace in the Prime U and the Mirror U, I think we can infer the author's intent that this story takes place roughly parallel with the beginning of TNG in the Prime U; in other words, early 2364. On my personal chronology, I've got it just before "Encounter at Farpoint", pending any new information in later issues.

    That puts it 6+ years before "Crossover." I look at this series as filling in some gaps between the TOS and DS9 mirror episodes.
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