Ideas for Polls?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by where'sSaavik?, Jan 19, 2003.

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    ^ Not a bad idea, but better suited for the Gen Trek Forum. ;)
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    Who deserves more screen time?
  3. josephine

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    You do, by all means.
  4. Temis the Vorta

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    Oct 30, 1999
    So we got lots of ideas for polls.

    When do we start getting some polls?

    Huh huh huh?
  5. where'sSaavik?

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    Jul 3, 2000
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    ^ It's Bonnie's turn to post one, but she's being lazy.

    Damn Romulans.

  6. T'Bonz

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    I am NOT lazy...I've been busy IRL the last few days, especially today. :p

    Will sift through this and post one in a short while. *mumble* *grumble!*
  7. evay

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    Sep 20, 2002
    Deck 4, Section 7
    How many inches of snow are outside your house?

    a) 6-11
    b) 12-17
    c) 18-23
    d) 24-30
    e) I can't see the roof of my car
    f) I can't see out my windows

    How many ENT episodes will you be able to rewatch before teh snow melts enough for you to leave the house?

    a) 1-6
    b) 7-12
    c) Season one
    d) All of them
    e) All of them plus whatever TNG is running this week
    f) All of them plus whatever TNG is running this week and the movies
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    Best ENT Limerick. There are some real hoots in there!
  9. Guest

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    Should the Borg be incorporated into the ENTERPRISE timeline?

    1.) Yes, we love Bergmana and realize that instead of actually being original, creative, or thoughtful, we must use any type of farce to pull our beloved show out of ratings slop.

    2.) No, we realize that this will probably royally-screw Star Trek continuity and is a childish attempt at a ratings improvement for a mediocre show that we all REALLY want to like, but just can't.

    3.) Huh? What's a Bergmana? Can we eat it?
  10. Guest

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    How about whether we should bring back the red shirts (you know, the nameless actors that died each week). Wouldn't adding a few expendible actors enhance the drama? Kirk lost 9 crewmen on his first episode and Archer hasn't lost a soul in almost two years. Daniels doesn't really count because he keeps reappearing.

    Also, how about one on how long it will take T'Pol and Archer to "share chromosomes". It seemed to mee that last week's episode implied T'Pol coming to grips with that as a possibility when good 'ol Doc Phlox indicated that the body from the future ship had both human and vulcan DNA.
  11. Guest

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    A gay character would be pointless unless: 1. you intend to show him/her in a sexual situation or 2. you intend to demonstrate their "gayness" through sterotyped characteristics (limb wrist or butch). Assuming your do neither then how and why would you distinguish any of them as gay. For all we know, one of them might all ready be gay.

    Now, that would be a good poll: which character should come out of the closet. Me, I'm voting Malcom.
  12. Guest

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    ... pol this: Romulan war for season three. Yes or No. ;)
  13. pookha

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    Dec 26, 2002
    Work on developing Archer and T'pol freindship and relationship as captain and first officer instead of one in bed.

    This has so much potential to be another Kirk/spock friends but with very different viewpoint and ways of approaching life.

    Archer has enough on his plate with nation building , the tcw ect.

    I would be interesting to maybe bring in a character that would appear several times a year to be a foil - love interest for Archer.

    Possibly an ambassador or one of the commissioners.

    I thought one of the more interestng parts of Future Tense was the return of the conflict between Archer and T'pol in Future Tense...
    they have very different viewpoints on the subject of time travel , the tcw and what part enterprise and earth should play in it .. as t'pol said if it exists.

  14. Poster Boy

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    Aug 14, 2002
  15. Porteous

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    Oct 22, 2002
    Considering that it's already a hot topic, and will become even more so once the season finale airs, how about....

    Who should the this 'new' alien race that want to wipe out life on Earth be:

    • 1. Klingons?
      2. Romulans?
      3. Suliban?
      4. Tholians?
      5. Gorn?
      6. Someone else?
  16. where'sSaavik?

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    Since this thread really isn't generating a lot of ideas I'm going to unpin it. The thread itself will be "kept" in the forum so you're of course welcome to post your ideas in here. Or if you'd prefer you can PM or email one of the Moderators.

    Thanks to everyone for their great ideas! :)