Ideal situation moving forward (post-60th Anniversary)

No need to get upset, it's just that I don't see a real demand for a fourth Kelvin film outside of the choir.

EDIT: I will add this, though. I think a way to really make a fourth Kelvin movie a truly must-see event is to have some element (or two) that makes even non-Trekkers take notice and want to check it out, IMO.
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The Kelvin Timeline is tainted in the sense that it takes too long to make each film and now can't even hold on to anyone long enough to write and direct the fourth one. And that was before Hollywood went on strike. If they still can't get their act together once the SAG strike is over, probably no one other than diehard Trekkers will even care, and that just won't cut it these days...

The Kelvin Time line is a taint.

Picard from Picard goes into the Kelvin Time line to Rescue Spock, finds out he's too late and that nothing is happening where the 4th movie should be, honest to god tumbleweeds, so Jean-Luc turns tail to the First Kelvin movie zaps Nero with his Future tech, picks up Younger old Spock, and heads home.

The end.
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