"I can't get used to having a woman on the bridge"

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    Not really interested in debating anything, but for the record, all these performers' 'sexualized' careers took off in 1999, two years before the GW Bush administration.
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    Under a conservative Democrat in the White House and a Republican Congress, yes.
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    Okay I think we're headed off-course here.

    A throw away line from 56 years ago still inspires passion.

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    Thats what we're all about here.:lol:

    But generally women go around today wearing short skirts, conservative dresses, skin-tight outfits, whatever and no-one raises an eyebrow if the outfit is appropriate for the situation.
    If there were more women in TOS were doing what Number-One was doing - taking charge, kicking butts, taking names then we wouldn't care what they were wearing.
    There were too many frightened/infatuated female yeomen compared to the Marta's, Number One's and female Romulan Commanders
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    ^ Yep. Product of its time.

    And not all females found miniskirts "empowering." Constantly worrying about flashing your panties is *not* empowering, in my book - it was damned annoying.

    Sign me, been there.
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    Headcanon: A "wuh-mann" is a specific kind of near-human alien that grows facial spines and dark hair, during their planets winter, which is what happened with Yeoman J-M- C'olt. Una completely misunderstood Pike when he used that expression, and he was vague in explaining it.
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    Or then it's a term for a more generic shape-shifter, and the range of C'olt, with that spikes thing and all, is greater than with Una, who can merely alter her hair color, rank and backstory.

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Also age only twenty-five years over the course of a century.
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