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    I can totally understand the Bana part (though you should still give it a chance some day! :p )

    But the last part puzzles me, as that was the fuel for about 20 + years worth of storytelling in the comics, it's the part they totally got right.

    Banner sees his mom murdered by his dad, Banner's mind creates the Hulk, eventually at her grave, Banner confronts his father about it and kills him, blocking it out of his mind and screwing him up even more. Gamma radiation eventually unleashes that part of his personality, the part of his childhood that was repressed, angry, and didn't want to be bothered by the world. So they didn't get the murdering of his dad part exact, but the psychological underpinnings of the character are dead on.
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    No and I thought that was something of a rip off, you see him smash the side of the glacier but it cuts off before you see Cap's body in it. :klingon: