How would other characters have handled the Kobyashi Maru test?

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    Specifically, in the above stated novel, Sulu chhose to not violate the Neutral Zone.
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    Well, I wasn't gonna spoil it. :) But it's an old book so I guess it's okay.

    Sulu's story was very well written, I thought. Of course, it wasn't quite as good as Scotty's...
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    yup. And I liked his "solution" the best. If I'm looking at the situation objectively, it smells like a trap. And even if it's not, the benefit of rescuing a small crew doesn't outweigh the cost of risking your ship or even worse, starting a war.
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    Because he can live with it.

    I bet Chekov screamed.
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    Scotty's was my favourite, too. IIRC, Simon Pegg referenced it in his Scotty biography he posted on his site a while back.