How would Janeway have handled first contact/explained time to the Prophets? Kirk? Archer? Picard?

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    The clinic located by the Q Continuum
    Picard would simply defer them to the Grisellas' leader - their auntie Grizelda. After six months, she'll wake up and explain it to them. Meanwhile, he'll explain what she does with something like this:

    She knows her mind all right, your auntie Grizelda,
    She says she knows my kind, she might, maybe so
    Oh, yeah, she's raised you right, your auntie Grizelda,
    You only know the things she wants you to know

    Kirk would first ask the there are any female Prophets. Unless only a female Prophet appeared, in which case he'd ask if there are men (such as the case of "That Which Survives"). After asking and being thankful the Prophets don't use neither Quatloos nor Squatloos, the Prophets then ask what this "love" thing is. Kirk doesn't need Chuck Woolery to explain, so after saying it's about having greater consideration for a person other than one's self, Kirk has a psychotic breakdown because the Prophets are incorporeal and he can't touch them. As opposed to feeling relieved because incorporeal beings don't have STDs.
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    The most important thing is that neither Kirk, Picard or Janeway would have been OK with super aliens pretending to be gods and toying with mortals.
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    Are you sure about that? Picard would see it as none of his business as per the prime directive. Janeway would probably feel the same, unless it was somehow the Federation's fault they were there.

    Picard would never take seriously his role of Emissary the same way Sisko did later in the series, he would see it as taking a role asked of him out of necessity.

    Janeway: It's like coffee! Coffee is linear. Humans drink coffee, so they can get the predicted effects of being coffee! Humans do not know the consequences of their actions, but they predict those consequences, based on past similar events. I am tired, I am thirsty, and I predict drinking coffee will make me less tired and less thirsty, because that's the effect it's had in the past!
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    Janeway would be very uncomfortable with the role of emissary perhaps even more than Picard would be given her rationalist patronizing attitude towards religion. She would likely be very much inclined to escape that title and her attitude towards the prophets would be one I think of ambivalent hostility.

    Picard would be uncomfortable with the emissary designation but I think given his experience with Q and other very powerful beings as well as many temporal anomalies would understand them more effectively than Sisko did at first and would do his best to work with them if that was required of him.

    Archer-we don't have much to go on for how he would handle super advanced beings except for the observation incident where he got mad at the organians. He'd likely have T'Pol and Tucker working on a scientific means to understand and if necessary counteract them.

    Kirk would be seen by the prophets as confrontational and resistant-though Spock would be very fascinated by them and would at the minimum encourage Kirk to learn more and play along with them.
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    The Prophets expel him from the wormhole and collapse the entrance :lol:

    As for Janeway, it's an interesting scenario. Would she remain solely as her character from VOY or would she take on traits from Sisko (i.e. losing her husband at Wolf 359 and now a single parent)? Whilst Sisko trying to explain fundamental concepts to the Prophets, as well as trying to help them understand the human condition, are interesting and show him to be one smart cookie, what makes Sisko's meeting with them more interesting is having to confront his grief and loss after years of burying it because they don't understand what he's gone through. For a first outing for a character its a great little arc, the likes of which could be applied to a modified Janeway so that she too has to undertake such an emotional journey--whilst also applying her more scientific approach to dealing with the non-corporeal lifeforms.

    Also, looking at the future, I could imagine some great tension between Janeway and Winn, whilst I could also see Dukat thinking that his 'charms' might work on her. Also with her background as a scientist then she and Dax would get on like a house on fire, from Curzon being her former mentor to Jadzia being a peer. Though we could have to suffer through more Q episodes, seeing as how Janeway wouldn't punch him in the jaw (more's the pity). I'd also like to think that she'd have a daughter to raise, rather than a son, Annika Janeway perhaps (which would make her friendship with Nog all the more interesting)?
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    The gazelle speech would kinda actually make sense in the prophet's context. "I saw a gazelle giving birth. Within minutes the baby was standing up, standing up on its own. A few more minutes and it was walking and before I knew it, it was running alongside its mother, moving away with the herd." He then goes on to talk how it died later on and how truly amazing it is
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    <Archer shows up in Sisko's office, bruised and beaten up>
    Sisko: They hit you! The Prophets never hit me....
    Archer: I'm not The Sisko.
    Sisko: Indeed not. You provoke them much more easily. How fortunate for me.
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    Janeway: Due to her greater experience, Prophets ask for advice on time travel.
    Kirk: Sleeps with half of the Prophets, knocks out other half. Shirt torn.
    Archer: As punishment, he is time looped so that he is forced to live out his days as a gazelle in Africa....
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    Janeway as CO of DS9 would change things quite a bit-for one I don't think she would have near the tolerance for Kira going behind her back or disrespecting her. Sisko put up with a lot from Kira Janeway would not.

    She'd likely get on with Dax fine given their shared science backgrounds but wouldn't have the same patience for Dax's various antics as Sisko did-as Sisko knew her previous host and so was more inclined to Dax act she wished.

    She would have no patience or respect for Dukat and would rebuff any charming he might try to do. Though she was seduced by Inspector Kashyk of the Devore so I guess he might be able to seduce her.

    She'd probably have more patience for Julian attributing a lot of his early show annoyance to youthful energy and lack of decorum.

    One thing to remember about Janeway is that she is a hard agnostic bordering on atheist who doesn't have a particularly sympathetic attitude towards religion-this means her being the emissary would make her immensely uncomfortable and she would try escaping the title.

    However she did have a borderline religious experience in Sacred Ground so she might be brought around and end up "converting" as it were.
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    Bad Thoughts
    She wouldn't have approved Kira rescuing Li Nalas. The Circle's origins would never have been shaken out. The Federation would be kicked off DS9.

    Series over!
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    Come to think of it, Kira and Janeway going head to head over an issue would have been a sight to behold ….