How was it that only Data really understood Danar's tactics?

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    The last time I watched "The Hunted", something about Data being the only one who had any understanding Danar's diversionary tactics seemed a bit irksome. Yet, the others kept falling for his diversions. Data first brought it up at the beginning of the episode when he deduced that he got away in an escape pod while they were chasing the ship he escaped in.

    After Danar's escape from the brig, Riker seems dumfounded that Danar found a way to disable one of the forcefields--probably because of a dialogue goof. Danar gets on a turbolift on Deck 34, supposedly having fallen for Picard's trap, but turns out to have just pushed the button for the desired floor and gotten out. He knocks out the same security guard from before, only he's on Deck 36 now. That slip-up is somewhat forgivable with Picard following the same logic as "Deja Q" where decides that they proceed as if Q can't help them put the moon back in its proper orbit.

    But even when Data points out Danar's misdirection tactics again, Picard and Riker don't instruct Worf to assume that Danar might still be hiding in the cargo bay in spite of the missing pressure suit, so he sends away the two accompanying guards and is forced to take on Danar himself.

    Sure, it's nitpicking on my part, but it sure stands to reason that the captain and first officer would be just as adept as their quick-thinking android.
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    Well, I find it more amusing that Data can anticipate military tactics without fail but falls for something as simple as a bluff, despite having read all the texts there are on poker. To say nothing of losing to chess to Troi.
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    He's only human.

    ...oh wait.
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    Data gets distracted, because during his free time he takes out his little holo-projector of Tasha and relives that memorable night.
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    Third season (I think) Riker and Picard are still as soft as Stay Puff Marshmellow Men. As for's not called The Worf effect for nothing.
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    I really wish the episode would have had Data knocking out Danar with one blow!
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    I like how the security guy he knocks out is starring at the wall next to him instead of covering the hallway with his phaser!
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    Data doesn't understand human emotion but he understands rational behavior.

    Danar was not swayed by emotion, he was acting strictly on the basis of 'What is my best hope to escape the ship'. It makes sense that Data was able to surmise exactly what he hoped to gain by all his actions.

    But it doesn't make sense after Peak Performance that Riker was not sharing in this anticipation.