How realistic was Scotty's accent?

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    ^ The "Wolf in the Fold" reference is the only time Scotty gives any indication, canonically speaking, as to where he could be from.

    Linlithgow is only mentioned in a novel ("Vulcan's Glory").
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    I was born and raised just south of Glasgow and when I started watching Trek from 8, I couldn't tell he had an accent! Even now, I think it's pretty realistic. I think it's better in the movies, the older he got.

    Simon Peggs accent is awful! Wish he wouldn't bother and talk normally.

    In the fan productions like phase 2, the accents are pretty bad for Scotty. You'd hope they could get a real Scot to do the accent and dub it over!
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    Has anyone else heard this comedian known as "Limmy"? Now, he's so Scottish I can't make out half the words he says!