Hippocratic Oath

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    Bashir had the moral high ground in the episode but he was deluding himself not to realize that his actions were guaranteeing his and O'Brien's death. So I'm on O'Brien's side, in this situation he was acting rationally and Bashir was not.

    There is a time and place for Bashir's attitude in that episode, and it's called The Quickening.

    And while he may have been technically required in that episode to follow orders from Bashir, O'Brien knew that Bashir would never try to get him court martialed because of their friendship, and additionally I believe Sisko would have situationally sided with O'Brien.

    The Hippocratic Oath is just to do no harm, it does not force you to medically intervene. There have in fact been cases where Doctors just out with their families off the job have refused to offer medical intervention out of fear of getting sued for malpractice for a broken sternum giving CPR or something.
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    The withdrawl is what causes them to be killing machines. Even on the White, they're really no more blood-thirsty than many Klingons or Cardassians that we've seen. The difference is that they'd be free from enslavement to the Founders. Once freed from an addiction to white, I'd assume that the Founders would stop making them, and kill off as many as possible, They'd engineer a 3.0 version too, closing whatever hole Bashir found I'd imagine.

    What a Jem'hadar freed from the White would do can't be generalized because some claim to serve because they want to, some feel they have to, and some clearly rebel even with their addiction intact. Some seem content to chill on abandoned planets and some what to take over the galaxy on their own. Individuals would take their freedom differently.
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    ^ But remember what I just said: Enslavement to the Founders is the only thing that keeps the Jem'Hadar from killing pretty much everybody. The Jem'Hadar were, in the most literal sense, bred to kill, and ONLY kill. That's all they can do - all they WANT to do. With the White, they only kill who the Founders tell them to - and if the Founders say don't kill anyone, then they don't kill anyone. Without the White, a Jem'Hadar would still have the desire to kill - even if he's not going through withdrawal - but then he could kill whomever and whenever he wanted to.

    There are only two choices here:

    - Jem'Hadar are addicted to White, and kill only designated targets as ordered

    - Jem'Hadar are not addicted to White, and kill everyone they want to, whenever they want to do it

    Now tell me, why would the second option ever be preferable to the first? Think about it. And remember, Goran'Agar doesn't count, since HE IS UNIQUE.