Hey that final red signal.

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    Which is sort of the opposite of what I thought you said - that since only Pike's crew knows what that red light is (and since the light is so distant), there would somehow be reduced reaction...

    "Starting the whole ball rolling again" was an odd concern to begin with, though. If random people want to find out what the red signs are, they will make an effort to do so, but this won't matter much. At worst, they might find out that time travel exists, but it's not as if this would in any way bring them in contact with Sphere Data or vicious AIs or any of that other stuff.

    In any case, Control would know about Terralysium, but it would not know this is where Burnham was headed with the Sphere Data, not until Burnham told it so, by lighting up that final signal. Or would Control treat that as deliberate disinformation?

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    Well now that you say that. Leland's final words "This isn't over"