"Heroes" could be uncancelled.

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by MacLeod, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Judging by some of the comments here, I think I'm the only one that enjoyed Season 3, when the government was hunting them down and rounding them up. It had a certain X-Men feel to it.

    One issue I had with the show (and I admit this is rather nitpicky) is that of all the people who gained powers, you'd think there'd be one guy out there who was a comic book fan and would dress up in a suit fighting crime.
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    I got about 3 episodes in then never watched anymore, although it was mainly due to a number of other shows that were appearing at the time (and the fact I'd just become a father to twin boys so my time was limited).

    I had wondered how the season went but never went back, and the show then got cancelled so I missed out. Would probably catch it again if I could. The first season was great though.

    I heard Tim whats-his-name did want to introduce lots of new characters each season and only a few would carry over each subsequent season, but was ordered by the powers that be to retain the core cast.
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    Yes I heard that TBTB (i.e the network) interferred. Sometimes netowrk interferrance can be a good thing, in this case I think it was a bad thing. They told a fairly complete story in S1 of heroes, it would have been interesting to see what they could have done in S2 with new characters.
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    I still maintain that whatever happened later, the end of the first season was very anti-climactic. I don't even remember the details beyond Sylar getting stabbed and crawling off into the sewers. Honestly, I'd rather they let him blow because that post apocalyptic future episode was *way* more interesting than what they ended up doing.

    As for Lost...I have tried to watch it again a few time. Never got much more then five episodes in before I lost interest. It's not because I know how it'll turn out, it's because there character on their own were never that interesting for me. Don't get me wrong, there are some very strong characters and good performances, but it's not enough to sustain my interest. This show has no "Londo & G'Kar" to hold it all together.

    Actually, now that I think back, while individual performances were very good, the chemistry on that show was pretty damn poor in some very vital areas. At least that the impression I'm left with.
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    ^Didn't Nathan swoop in and fly Peter over the sea, and then Hiro time travelled back to Japan for some reason.

    By the end of its run I was watching Heroes purely out of habit. I was pleasantly surprised by the season 4 finale and I thought it was interesting that Claire outed them, but by then it was too late (not that I'm sure they'd have been able avoid the problems anyway).

    Ugh, I'm just remembering that whole stupid plot about Sylar taking over Nathan's body but then it turned out Nathan's mind had somehow survived. Ugh and the whole "Sylar is a Petrelli...oh no wait he's not."
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    Heroes was the best portrayal of the path superhero franchises in the comic book medium take that I've ever seen.

    It started off as exciting. Then became a mess of characters dying and being resurrected every other installment, heroes turning out to be related to each other, long-lost relatives being the villains, power swapping, characters switching between good and evil for no clear reason, and increasingly frequent resets in the mythology that made it unclear what was actually still canon.

    It was a fairly accurate representation of modern Marvel and DC. Season 3 was so utterly incomprehensible that I had to quit. A show where absolutely any action in terms of both physical and the behaviour could be reset. Characters would switch backstories, powers and personalities every other episode. I've never seen a show with more frequent fucking around with the continuity. It made each episode completely lack consequence as anything could be reset.
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    I think that the Season 1 finale would have had a little more punch if (presumably according to the creators' original concept) Nathan and Peter had died...or at least weren't brought back so immediately.
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    I don't like being threatened.

    Stop it before I get nasty!

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    Perhaps if Future Hiro would come back from the end of the Pilot, look around and say "No this is all wrong, the cheerleader must die." wiping out the continuity of the previous 4 seasons I might be interested.
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    One of the actors from Heroes who had a recurring role one season talked about how the storylines never had a second or third act. They'd do the first act, then repeat the first act, then repeat the first act again.
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    I had the same issue with FlashForward. Half the time we're told the flash forward was pre-destined and couldn't be changed, the other half we're told it could.
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    Heroes is coming back. :jumping up and down:

    So should Flashforward. :techman:
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    IMO the first season was very good. The rest not so much (and going to the 'precognition/must CHANGE the future outcome' trope too many times for my tastes in the long run.) The Writers strike at the time didn't help either.

    But yeah, if it's with the same creators/writing staff - meh.
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    I just finished a watch-through of the entire series with my GF and I think it was actually a lot better than I remembered it being. It seems to work better in marathon format, maybe because there's not as much time to dwell on the plot holes.

    I'd be curious to see a revival but if it's an all-new cast like the story I read suggests, who knows if it'd be any good.
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    I wouldn't mind watching a revival of Heroes. I loved the first season, which I have on DVD, but is XBox Live really a viable outlet for a series? Netflix is one thing, but are there enough people out there with XBoxes for this to work? I know I sure won't go out and buy one just to watch a TV show.
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    They have the Halo series coming and want to expand.
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    If this show ever comes back, Zachery Quinto will no doubt be grateful that he's no longer under contract. They kept him chained to that show for it's entire run.
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    Just reboot to the end of the first season but they fail and almost everyone dies.

    Then pick up a few years later with a mostly new cast.

    Get to keep the title and premise, any characters you like/can get back, but essentially get a fresh start.

    I never found the mythology of the show very interesting though personally, especially when everyone turned out to be related. Gave up on the show around that point.