Herb Solow has died

Discussion in 'Star Trek - The Original & Animated Series' started by gottacook, Nov 21, 2020.

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    Very sorry to hear this. I'm glad he and Justman got Inside Star Trek written when they did.

    Apparently, putting his name over the Balok puppet in the end credits was a deliberate in-joke, and he loved it. And that frame was parodied in Futurama once, with a picture of Kiff looking like Balok. That was funny.
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    Damn..well 89 years is a great run and he is remembered by his body of work..
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    Whenever some legend dies, I now always think, "The 55 year countdown-timer has started."

    Well, he's got a good run left back here in 1965.
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    :weep: RIP. Herb really added quite a lot to our favorite show, as his and Bob Justman's book made quite clear (while managing to remain very humble, not to mention funny!).
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    I'll raise my whisky glass in his honour this evening! RIP Herb Solow! :(
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    RIP. I had no idea he was so YOUNG when Star Trek was made! Early 30's?
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    RIP and thank you for contributing to one of the greatest TV shows ever made.
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    Inside Star Trek is one my treasured books on the shelf. One of the first Executives to demystify the series, and contradict some of the entertaining tales told by the actors. He obviously had as much of hand in making Mission: Impossible what it was too. A great loss, as I'm sure he probably had as a unique perspective on that and later going to work at MGM, we never heard in as much detail about.
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    RIP, Herb.

    Inside Star Trek
    is one of the key books about the making of the original Star Trek. I was just consulting it to answer a question this morning. I'm glad Solow was able to write it when he did, when so many people who worked on the series were still alive and could be interviewed for the book. I wonder what happened to all the raw interviews? Those would be a treasure trove if they ever turn up.

    He was working on a memoir, Going Solow, which presumably would have covered that period in more detail. I wonder how much was complete at the time he died?

    Solow joined Desilu in 1964, I think. He would have been 34. His boss at the time, Oscar Katz, was older (51).
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    I somehow missed this when it was originally posted.

    RIP Mr. Solow. Thanks for going to bat for Star Trek.
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    RIP, Mr. Solow. Now you can soar with the real stars!
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    I totally missed this sad story too, but it's been a stressful last month of so for me.

    RIP, Mr Solow, and as others have said, thank you for your contributions to Star Trek and its history. I must try and get a copy of the book.

    Condolences to his family and friends. :(
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    Inside Star Trek was a fascinating read. Thank you for your contributions to Star Trek, Mr Solow! And RIP.
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    Rest in Peace.