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    So a friend of mine and I were discussing the change in appearance of the ST:ID Klingons, and we were wondering how much of the difference is related to the fact that the only Klingon whose face we saw -- was also hairless. All Klingons we've seen before have had abundant hair (head plus face.)

    Is there a Photoshop-proficient user here who is able to take one of the common screen-grabs of the ST:ID Klingon, and add hair and fu-manchu per the regular Klingon style? How would that affect his appearance compared to the Klingons we've all seen before?
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    You could just pull up a photo of General Chang from The Undiscovered Country. :techman:
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    From what I saw, other Klingons in STiD had hair under their helmets.
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    Seems to me the framegrab I saw of the unhelmeted STiD Klingon he had pointed ears. The promo for "Next issue" (ie. #25) in the back of the current Gorn comic ("IDW Ongoing" #24) has a drawn version of a similar Klingon, complete with cranial bone piercings, pale eyes and a pirate earring. Apart from the pointed ear, there's really not too much different compared to the wide range of canonical Klingon features we've seen from ST:TMP to "Enterprise".

    IIRC, Valkris was drawn with a pointed ear in DC Comics' ST III adaptation way back when.
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    The first Klingons we see in Star Trek:

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    Later on, in "Day of the Dove," we see a mix of facial hair and clean-shaven Klingons, plus this guy, who sports a goatee but is a bit shiny on top.
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    It's the Klingon Cupcake!
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