Have you seen every episode of every series?

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Spider, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. cultcross

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    Jul 27, 2001
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    Fairly sure I have, yes. There might be the odd Enterprise episode missing from the middle, but I don't think so. Definitely seen all TOS, movies, TNG, DS9, TAS, VOY and DSC. TAS is a fairly recent addition to my list, but Netflix inspired me to "complete the set". Rewatching TOS last year there were a couple I'd have sworn before the court I had never seen before, but maybe that was selective amnesia.
  2. Sarxus

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    Aug 7, 2018
    Apart from the animated series I've also seen everything at least once so far.

    My first step into Star Trek was actually the first Kelvinverse movie which I watched some years after it had been in cinema, so around 2012 or 2013. At this time, I really liked it and also watched Into Darkness shortly after that, but then I started with the old movies and felt soon that this is "real" Star Trek if you will. I watched all of them until Star Trek VI.

    Then I also started with the first season of TOS, I really liked it, but for some reason I didn't continue watching after the first three episodes or so. Then I also didn't deal anymore really with Star Trek for the next years, even though I had started to like it a lot, especially the classic stuff. When Star Trek Beyond was released, I watched it in cinema and liked it, but then I remembered also that the classic stuff interested me much more.

    And then around september 2017, suddenly I felt the desire to go back to Star Trek. I don't know why exactly, I remember one evening I played Mass Effect: Andromeda and somehow it made me thinking of Star Trek again and that I actually still have a lot to discover there, plus I took up the contact again to one of my best friends I haven't seen for quite a time, him being a huge Trekkie who always told me about all the shows etc. At this time I started again with TOS and watched it all, then ENT, then TNG, then the first DSC season and finally DS9 and VOY. And in between also the remaining movies. It took me almost a year to get through it all, but I'm so glad that I took it upon me, because this restart was the time where my love for Star Trek really started to become strong.
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  3. grendelsbayne

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    Sep 24, 2013
    I didn't see all of any of them growing up, except for the movies which were obviously easier to catch. I would have seen all of DS9 first run except my tv broke around Sacrifice of Angels and we weren't able to get it fixed right away. I remedied that asap by reruns/dvds because DS9 was always my favorite. Voy and Ent I missed entire seasons purely out of boredom.

    However, I did go back and start (re) watching through everything when it became available on Netflix here. So I have now seen all of DS9, TOS, TAS, ENT and DSC. I just watched TNG season 7 ep. 2 this morning, so I'm almost done with that. My Voy rewatch is currently stalled around season 2 ep. 12-ish. I'll get back to it once I finish TNG.
  4. Farscape One

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    Mar 2, 2017
    I have seen every episode of each series except DISCOVERY a minimum of 8 times... probably more. Some certainly more. Currently on a rewatch of everything, which I have not done in years.

    And DISCOVERY, I have seen all of them twice. Same with the SHORT TREKS.

    I've seen every movie so many times each I can't remember how many, though the Kelvin movies only a few times each.

    So much is in my head that for years when I go to DragonCon, I would always win the trivia games. The host actually created some extremely hard questions BECAUSE of me... some people really hated the difficulty level and obscurity of some of them. Even I got stumped on some of them. Of the last 13 years I have gone, I've taken top prizes each year except last year. I didn't do the trivia last year... and it was a difficult thing to do because it's always something I loved doing. But I decided to sort of retire on top. One should know when to retire at their peak. And besides, I've played against some REALLY great players, and I want to see how long they can streak.

    Besides... I do well in all the other trivias I go to. (STARGATE, BABYLON 5, ANDROMEDA, BSG, FARSCAPE, THE X-FILES, SUPERNATURAL... the list continues.)

    It's fun being "Factoid Man". (That was a name I was given on a BSG site that I was on for years.)

    Okay, this post turned into an unexpected trip down memory lane. Sorry for the long drive...
  5. Finn

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    Mar 30, 2006
    I've definitely watched all of TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT. I think I've seen all of TOS as well but I'm not 100% sure.

    I've only seen a few episodes of Discovery.
  6. plentode

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    Sep 27, 2018
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    I've seen nearly every episode. I'm fairly certain that I haven't seen every episode of TAS. When my son is a bit older, I plan on tackling that challenge with him. I know I've watched all of TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT (all several times). I have watched the first season of Discovery. Season two will have to wait until I know someone with CBS All Access or it's available at the library on DVD.
  7. RandyS

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    Nov 9, 2007
    Until December no. I've seen all the older stuff multiple times each, but I won't see season 2 of Discovery until the DVD set comes out in December (if it does like season one did last year).
  8. longhorn355

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    Feb 8, 2017
    I’ve seen every episode of every series and all of the movies.

    I frequently rewatch TOS and sometimes TNG and DS9. I rarely rewatch VOY and have no interest in rewatching ENT or TAS.
  9. Admiral2

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    Sep 14, 2004
    I've seen all of TOS, TNG and DS9.

    I've only seen sporadic episodes of VOY because it's mostly idiotic.

    I dropped ENT in season 4 because that's when It stopped being watchable.

    I never watched TAS regularly because it's the least entertaining series Filmation ever produced.

    I've only seen one full episode of STD. It was all I needed to see to know it's shite.
  10. ichab

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    Jan 28, 2010
    Seen all the movies and TOS, TNG, DS9 and Enterprise. Seen maybe half of Voyager(didn't care for it) and first season of Discovery(catching on home video)
  11. JirinPanthosa

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Everything except TAS and the first movie.
  12. sekundant

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    Jun 27, 2018
    Except Discovery, every single episode and film and more than once, except VOY. I wish they created a believable first female captain, not that psycho with self repairing ship. Rewatching VOY is a kind of :censored: to me. TAS is also very hard to watch, I don't know why? As a He-Man fan, I should like it..:shifty: And I assume, I watched all documentaries, which I could find/buy.

    I watch frequently ENT and TOS, doesn't matter which episode. TNG and DS9, only when I want to watch the episode again for whatever reason.
  13. StarCruiser

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    Dec 26, 2002
    Houston, we have a problem...
    All of:

    "Star Trek"
    The Animated Series
    Next Generation
    Deep Space 9

    Most of:


    About 20 minutes of:

    Disco - and that was a difficult 20 minutes...
  14. GeordiFan

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    Aug 14, 2016
    I've seen every episode of TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY.

    I'm currently watching through ENT, I think it's ok, but I'm not as into it as much as the first four series

    I've seen 2 episodes of discovery, the two i didn't have to pay for, and i didn't like it at all... the reviews I've seen of the other episode don't seem all that appealing either

    I've seen first 10 movies each millions of times, and each of the jj films once
  15. valkyrie013

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    Jun 15, 2009
    Watched Everything
    Kelvin movies
    Disco inferno

    Only one I havent watched all of is Tas.. which untill recently wasn't available in alot of places..
    Now there are plenty of episodes I have only watched Once..
    Iike the Ent Finale.. I refuse to acknowledge that one exists..
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  16. Damian

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    Nov 2, 2017
    United States
    Everything up through season 1 of Discovery. I'm not interested in online TV---no really. Not my thing--old school I guess.

    So that means I have to wait until Discovery comes out on Blu-Ray to see it (and eventually the future shows too). So that sets me behind a bit, but no biggie.

    But I've seen and own all the shows and movies on Blu-Ray and/or DVD that are out there.
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  17. Forbin

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    Mar 15, 2001
    I said out, dammit!
    All of:
    Most of V'GER, but if the TV Guide description looked particularly dire (usually something to do with the Doctor or Seven), I skipped.
    Saw all the theatrical movies including JJ's.
    STD, only the first eps of each season, since they were free. I ain't paying the ransom.
  18. Farscape One

    Farscape One Commodore Commodore

    Mar 2, 2017
    I'm old school, too. I hate watching tv shows on the internet... plus, no caption on monitors. But my wife was able to hook up a thing called Roku to my tv, and I watch DISCOVERY that way. And it's got captions. It really works great... even have Netflix there.

    Don't ask me how she did it, I just accept her 'much higher level than mine' technology knowledge.
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  19. Damian

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    Nov 2, 2017
    United States
    Yeah, unfortunately I'd qualify as technological wizard in my household---so we're in trouble :whistle:. My 13 year daughter actually is really good with computers so I'd imagine she could probably figure something out if given a chance.

    But I just never felt the urge to go streaming. I don't watch a lot of TV shows these days--mostly just Star Trek shows, Dallas, and occasionally an old sitcom on TV like Seinfeld, I Dream of Jeannie or something along those lines. I just can't get interested in new TV shows these days. The last show I really got into was Person of Interest.

    Otherwise it's just my sports teams and movies.

    So I just decided since I didn't have a smart TV, and wasn't interested in buying a set top box for streaming for the only show I'd be interested in streaming I can just wait it out until it comes out on Blu-Ray. I have to wait a few months, but I've got plenty of Star Trek to get my fix in the meantime ;).

    Now if it was never going to come out on Blu-Ray, I'd have to make a call there I guess, but I think there's little chance they'd do something like that. CBS will milk it online for as long as they make money off it, then release it on Blu-Ray to rake in some more money. And a lot of people that streamed it and like it still want the hardcopy. Apparently even though streaming is getting better, nothing beats a Blu-Ray in all it's HD glory :drool:
  20. Farscape One

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    Mar 2, 2017
    I much prefer gaving box sets. Having shows online... sometimes, the site doesn't have the show anymore, either to make room for more popular/new series or a contract that alliws them to have it on their site expires.

    But owning phtsical dvds? They're yours, permanently. I should know... I have roughly 700 box sets.
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