Have you ever just watched the series finale of a show?

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    In a related manner, and this is before I had seen Firefly, I had tried watching Serenity without the context of the show. Being that it was a direct continuation of the show, it wasn't easy and had to give up.
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    When I was a kid, I never got into the X-Files, but I sure as heck watched the finale when it aired. I still haven't really ever watched that show. Also Seinfeld and Frasier. I saw their final episodes first, but ended up watching the rest later. Friends was an interesting one. I only ever caught the show on syndication, didn't like it, background noise type show. But for some reason, I tuned into the finale, and after that I never watched Friends again. I actively avoided it by changing channels whenever it was on.
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    hmm, don't know if I've ever done that. I could see a lot of series though where you could probably watch the first two and last two of a season and get a pretty good feel for it.

    I have watched the last part of a movie on TV quite a few times though that'd probably be less likely moving to time-shifting and streaming. Sometimes turning the TV on or flipping channels I'd come into something half way and end up just watching it until the end. Even then I usually go back and catch the beginning at some point.
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    I had a similar situation. Someone posted a video of the ending of Six Feet Under in a "Greatest TV Show Endings" topic and I liked it so much I went back and binge watched the entire series on the spot. I had heard of it before and had some interest in checking it out, but that ending made me want to see it immediately.

    (mild spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the show, but the clip mainly deals with the future beyond the series itself, so seeing it shouldn't affect your enjoyment)
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    I remember hearing how great Six Feet Under is and I bought the DVD set for $50. I watched the whole thing in a few weeks and got to the finale and went "This is fine, but why did everyone think it's the best?'.

    Then the music started playing in that clip and damn. It was perfect.