Have the streaming purges led you to buy more blu rays and dvds?


I've bought more blu ray/dvd complete tv box sets in the past year than I have in a decade. Has anybody else done the same?
I was in the middle of Hill Street Blues when Hulu dumped it so I bought it on dvd. Same thing happened when I was watching Stargate Sg-1 on Netflix (before Prime had it).
I was watching Netflix's Gilmore Girls from 2016, and the mother had overloaded her TIVO with Hallmark Original movies... As if they had no respect for where their money was coming from.

Can you TIVO streaming sites?
Technically no, but only because I hadn't slowed down that much, at least on the stuff I really thought I'd rewatch. I'd seen a few shows/films taken off streaming early on and decided for a little more security.
I've always preferred physical media and disdained streaming, for so many reasons:
As above, my boxed set won't stop showing the show when I'm partway thru it
I can't subscribe to every damn streaming service that has things I like on it, for both financial and logistical reasons;
I love love love having a physical library of things on shelves to browse thru.

I hate hate hate that many streaming services have stopped issuing DVD/BDs of their shows. I have season one of some of Netflix's shows (including Marvel series) and then they fucking stopped. I have S1-9 of Archer disks from FX and then Hulu got involved and stopped making disks to promote streaming. I have S1-4 of The Expanse, then it went to Amazon and Pfft! Angry? Angry.

I've been downloading from Netflix and Amazon using StreamFab, so at least I have the shows I like digitally, which is okay, but still has the risk of crashing, corrupting, or getting EMPed at the Apocalypse. I've tried putting those files on DVD, but for some gods-forsaken reason I can't get the audio to work.
Swell :lol:
That's one thing that people who DO put out DVDs does that's annoying. Test the water by putting out a couple of seasons, then instead of finished the set, release the full series. Grr. :lol:
Looking at the comments section on Amazon, EVERYone is bitching about the same thing. No one wants to buy the full series when they already have S1 thru 4.
I don't think I'm buying fewer blu-rays, but what I buy has changed. If I can stream it I probably won't buy it, I can spend that money on movies that I can't stream anywhere (that I'm aware of)
Netflix just cracked down on my watching it through my brother's account, which is annoying but not really surprising. I might not even care that much (I tended to only go there to watch specific shows anyway), but I was rewatching, "Disenchanted" and I'm a little bum-bummed that I have no idea when I'll be able to get back to it since AFAIK it doesn't exist on disc, and I don't want to endorse streaming by getting my own account.
I've bought more blu ray/dvd complete tv box sets in the past year than I have in a decade. Has anybody else done the same?

Nope. Quite the opposite, really, I don't buy any blu-rays at all anymore. Hell, I actively try to replace all the discs I own whenever possible. In my ideal world, I'd stream everything.

Some discs I can't replace, such as The Red Green Show (which is damn near impossible to watch on YouTube because they put ads in every five minutes :brickwall: ) but otherwise, if I can stream something that I own on disc, I'll get rid of the disc.

I mean, I know the streaming service I subscribe to (Paramount+, Peacock and MLB.TV) aren't going anywhere. And iTunes (which is not actually streaming) is solid as well. :shrug:
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But a lot of stuff is out of print now. So I have to import. This is what I did for X-Files. I got it from Germany. And some stuff doesn’t even come out here. You want the Frighteners in 4K. Import from Germany.
I count myself very lucky that I got the dvd sets of many shows many years ago before they not only went out of print, but are nowhere to be found on any streaming service. (MILLENNIUM, for example... created by Chris Carter and starred Lance Henricksen. Not sure if it's out of print, but it doesn't seem to exist on any streaming service.)

I'm pretty sure at least half of my collection is not only out of print, but unavailable, too.

I've always been and always will be one to prefer physical sets.
No. I haven't bought a physical disc in years. I'm not opposed to it if it's something I really enjoy but there's so much stuff to go around right now that I rarely rewatch anything.