Hasbro's Power Rangers era and General Tokusatsu discussion

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    Mar 27, 2007
    Zi-O episode 46


    We got a mini Double tribute with Zi-o using double armor and a bit of background music from kamen rider double when he was facing Eternal

    That was an ambitious plan cooked up by the heroes to pull Geiz out of another world by using trinity

    I did think the tense moment with Schwarz and Sougo in the rain was done better in a past Build episode.

    Aqua sacrificing himself was unexpected. I’m sure time will be undone to revive him. At least held on to his courage in the end

    There was a lot of ambitious plans in this episode like Ora trying her own plan to kill Schwartz

    In the end it just proves that Another Decade is one tough opponent

    Tomorrow chaser from drive returns!

    Ryuusoulger 20


    Nice way to have a mecha fight with the general but keep him alive since it was just a drawing

    Towa didn’t seem to recognize Gaisoulg, but that’s par for the course as far as Toei is concerned. To be fair, Towa also
    didn’t know he was called that in Saikyo Battle. Him and Banba kind of just show up and trash him. So it comes down to the usual- “skids by close enough for us to blend it into continuity later if we want to” camp.
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    Mar 15, 2001
    Zi-O: Whatever Schwartz intended by summoning White Woz back to life, it kinda backfired. Woz is always loyal only to his king, or in this case his savior, Geiz. And he's always been a devious sort, in either incarnation.

    I was pleased that they brought back Miharu/Aqua after his one brief movie appearance, even giving him a sizeable role, but then they went and killed him off. Along with Ora, leaving Schwartz as the only Timejacker as we go into the endgame.

    I'm disappointed that Schwartz's goal behind this whole byzantine season-long scheme seems to be only "Get all the power and rule the world." That's rather pedestrian.

    Yeah, that was cool.

    Ryu: A fun variation on the Minusaur premise, and more creative camera angles/storyboarding in the giant battle. Otherwise, a pretty standard plot about a Ranger forced outside their comfort zone and having to overcome a weakness.

    And yeah, once Gaisorg (Gaisoulg, whatever) started showing up here, I figured the writers had their own plans for the character and the miniseries just borrowed him and did their own thing with him. Though maybe it can be reconciled by the fact that Gaisorg there was just a sentient suit of armor passing from wearer to wearer. Maybe this guy is the original owner, who has more control over it and isn't just a slave to its compulsion like the other wearers.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Uchusen a scifi magazine in Japan regularly posts a "Details of Hero" section for Kamen Rider suits.

    Just posting Grand Zi-O's photoshoot. This is from a bigger section detailing the rider suits in the "Over Quartzer" summer movie

    Normally you can't see all this detail because the stuntman is moving around. Grand Zi-O is so.....grand and absurd that you can't look away from it.


    I wonder how well it will fare in years to come when it's stored away.



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    Mar 15, 2001
    The Grand Zi-O suit is amazing. There have been plenty of overcluttered final-form costumes in recent years, like Build's super-garish one, but this is just so intricate and detailed it's essentially a work of art. He's like a walking church covered in Kamen Rider gargoyles.

    And I love how many of them are posed with their trademark gestures. Kuuga is doing that infuriating thumbs-up, Hibiki is doing that self-conscious "Yo" gesture of his, Kabuto is pointing skyward, W is doing the "Now, count up your sins" pose, Fourze is doing his exuberant "Uchuu KITAAAAAAAAA!!!," Wizard is holding out his magic ring, Build is doing that antenna stroke, etc.

    Let's see if I can sort out who's where. It looks like they're chronologically ordered in a zigzag pattern:

    Kuuga: right shoulder
    Agito, Ryuki: right forearm (top to bottom)
    Faiz, Blade, Hibiki: right leg (bottom to top)
    Kabuto: right hip
    Den-O, Kiva: right chest (bottom to top)
    Decade: center chest
    W: left shoulder
    OOO, Fourze: left forearm (top to bottom)
    Wizard, Gaim, Drive: left leg (bottom to top)
    Ghost: left hip
    Ex-Aid, Build: left chest (bottom to top)
    Zi-O: forehead
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Zi-O episode 47.


    All I can say is "Onore DIKEIDO!!". It's all his fault. The conflicting timelines are an aftereffect of worlds merging and all Riders after Decade being pulled into one world

    This is why Rider keeps its timelines separate. Having the villains of every show colliding outside of a Movie War context isn't fun at all, it's pure chaos for all involved. Holy cow. It's reached Doctor Who levels of finale insanity.

    Did Zi-O just become "Decade season 2?" They even brought back the alternate reality graphic from Decade.

    Tsukasa also played everyone almost since the beginning because he's Decade

    - Decade knew that Time Jackers could take Rider powers and Watches can restore them if the original holder of the power uses them.

    - Decade gave Sougo his RideWatch with 50% of his powers in the first arc. This was a backup in case his powers were taken.

    - Decade played villain for the Time Jackers for fun and to investigate the Zi-O crew.

    - Decade mentors Zi-O.

    - Decade was fighting at 50% of his power level.

    This was a very long term plan

    The final moment of the episode is basically the same thing that happen to Natsumi's world in the first Decade episode.

    Grand Zi-O throwing away all the ultimate weapons was another highlight

    After Build's world merging and Zi-O's time shenanigans I have a feeling we might get something more low key in "Zero-One" Nothing on the level of time or world merging.
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    Mar 15, 2001
    No, that's not what they said. They said it's the result of all Riders merging into one, not all Rider worlds. They meant Zi-O, not Decade. I've suspected for some time that Schwartz was deliberately sending these Another Riders against Sougo so that he could acquire all their powers, and now we have confirmation of that, and we know why he did it -- because combining all the worlds' Riders into Zi-O will merge all their worlds into one world, which will let Schwartz destroy them all by just destroying the one.

    It also ties back into something that seemed strange about the premise all along, that by Zi-O acquiring a past Rider's power, he eliminated that Rider from existence (at least as a Rider). That seemed like a bad thing. Now we see that it was part of the evil plan all along. If no other Riders existed, then all their villains survived, and if all their worlds merge, then Schwartz can pretty much let them destroy the combined world for him.

    I guess this explains the inconsistencies of the show treating all the past series as one world even when they were distinctly separate -- something directly acknowledged in the Kabuto crossover, but not followed up on. I guess the worlds have been starting to merge ever since Schwartz started creating Another Riders, and that explains the anomalies. (Aside from the geographical anomaly of Futo Tower and Zawame City's Yggdrasil Tower both appearing in Tokyo.)

    This was pretty clearly set after the movie, since Geiz is familiar with Mach and Krim Steinbelt.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Ryusoulger 21


    Well at least we know how they'll massive repair city damage. They'll use ShineRaptor.

    Ui’s is like a mix of DJ Sahara from Kamen rider gaim with the head wraps and a good version of Evolt from Kamen rider Build

    I wonder if there’s a side effect of possessing Ui’s dad

    Master pink being amazed by bubble tea from a Starbucks like company was fun

    Dancing to the ED last week, it's Master Usagi herself.

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    Mar 15, 2001
    This is a weird turn for the story to take -- people coming back from the dead and all that, and the crisis being caused by a Kishiryuu instead of a Minusaur. Some nice emotional reunion moments, though it's odd that we didn't get a scene of Ui's dad's first reaction to her mother's return, just the dinner scene later on. (And apparently what they call "hamburger" in Japan is more like what I know as Salisbury steak, rather than a sandwich on a bun. And it's somehow eaten with chopsticks!)

    Has ShineRaptor been acting behind the scenes in all those past seasons where the city was destroyed as far as the eye could see in one episode and back to normal in the next? Or in that LvP installment near the finale where that happened in the course of the same episode?

    I was reminded of DJ Sagara too, though he's lacking the goggles. (Sahara was the name of the family that Kamen Rider Black RX lived with.) As for the Evolt comparison, are you talking about the possession?