Happy Birthday, Star Trek

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    Nov 9, 2007
    I was a little too young for that, being only 17 when TNG premired, but I know what you mean, and remember that time well. One memory that particularly stands out was 27 years ago tonight. Star Trek's 20th anniversary. I watched Entertainment Tonight's coverage, then, later that night, got into bed and listened to my audio tape (anybody remember THOSE??) of "The Man Trap". That fall, I was just getting into VHS (another dead format), and since Star Trek would not come back to syndication in my area until the following January, I couldn't tape them, or afford the existing VHS copies then available, so I had to make do with my audio tapes, which I hard recorded off the air a few years earlier. Minus "The Cage", I had every episode that way.

    Anyway, after listening to the tape, I settled into bed with the (then) new Pocket Books novel ENTERPRISE THE FIRST ADVENTURE, which I had found at my local 7-11 a few days before.

    Good times....