Guild Wars 2

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    I did a search and didn't come across anything...sorry if it has been discussed before. ;)

    Official Site;


    Guild Wars 2 Trailer


    Guild Wars 2 - The Races of Tyria

    and for the hotness... :adore:

    Ree Soesbee & Kristen Perry on "Growing The Sylvari" :D

    The more I learn about it and the more I see...this is where WoW should be instead of irrelevant patches & expansions. :rolleyes: GW2! :bolian:

    [edit] When I say "hotness" I mean Ree & Kristen. :adore:
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    Feb 6, 2008
    You should check out some of the press beta videos too.
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    I have seen some beta vidz...I am excited for this. :D

    here is a vid I did as a tribute to the game...


    Enchanted - Guild Wars 2

    Hopefully it won't end up like my other vidz and be geo-locked everywhere. :sigh: