Guest stars you would like to see in the Picard series

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  1. Guy Gardener

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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    We saw a lot of kids on TNG.

    If we can't bring back the actors, then using their names is good enough?
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    The corpse of Sito Jaxa.
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  5. NCC-73515

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    I hope to see or at least hear about Riker, Data, Worf, and Beverly. Geordi, Deanna, Wesley would be nice as well. If the season builds up to a big finale, some of them could show up with their own ships. Riker might still have the Titan, Data the E, Worf could have a negh'var, Beverly could have the Pasteur, Geordi had the Challenger in VOY Timeless, Deanna could have a transport ship (there's a lot less pressure there). I'd actually enjoy something like that, and if they contribute meaningfully to the story, why not? If it's about Romulus, maybe they could even bring Donatra, Sela, or Tal'aura back. If the plot is good, why wouldn't we wanna see at least some of them again? They could be absent from 9 episodes and then become the fan surprise in the last one.
  6. Tenacity

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    She'll get to crash it into things, right?
  7. Paul Weaver

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    So Riker and Troi divorces?

    Data Is Dead. I like the idea of salvaging his head though and Picard keeping it as a memento in his quarters.
  8. Danlav05

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    Oh, where do I start?

    I think the Shatner ship has sailed but from TNG I'd definitely love to see Riker again, maybe as an Admiral, or perhaps LaForge, or any of the others. I'm not sure about Data with him being dead and all and Spiner being older!

    Being a late late 24th century show of course there may be an opportunity to bring in folk from DS9 and Voyager? Kira would eb a good one to revisit, maybe she's a Vedek? Of course Picard and Seven of Nine have experience of being part of the Borg Colective, so seeing them sharing scenes could be interesting. As well as a catch up with Admiral Janeway?

    Or what about Sir Pat's old friends? It would, as said before, it would be a real coup to get Ian McKellen into a Star Trek, or perhaps the legendary Brian Blessed? Sir Pat wanted him to play Dougerty in Insurrection.Personally I'd like David Tennant in Trek, he co-starred with Stewart in Hamlet.
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    WTF? This thread is four pages long and no one has mentioned Mott the Barber yet? For shame.
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  11. WarpFactorZ

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    Now THAT would be taking it waaaaayyyyy too far.
  12. gakelly

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    Mar 3, 2019
    How about the 3 kids that were trapped on the turbolift with him when the ship hit a quantum fissure or whatever the hell it was.

    And the woman that he played sweet music with from Lessons.
  13. BillJ

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    Ro Laren (Michelle Forbes).

    Seems like her and Picard have issues to settle after she betrayed him.
  14. ITDUDE

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    Not from TNG, but Ben Mendelsohn would be pretty cool (he's seemingly everywhere these days).
    Just so that this meme could be true:
  15. Amasov

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    Nov 24, 2001
    Now, I realize this series is focused on Jean-Luc, however, given that two other Trek series were set during TNG’s time, it is conceivable we could see them or have them mentioned in dialogue. It’s most likely we will see characters from The Next Generation at some point (seriously, how could we not?), but I’m very curious to see where the characters from the other series have wound up. Understand, I don’t want this series to be a reunion of past characters. If any of the them were to appear, I’d want to make sense for the storyline they are featured in.

    However, if Picard had to make stopover at Deep Space Nine, I wouldn’t mind.
  16. Amasov

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    I laughed pretty hard at this. :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:
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  18. King Daniel Beyond

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    I suspect if the show goes beyond one season, it'll become a "where are they now?" of 24th century Trek characters.
    What if DS9 gets the Pike's Enterprise reimagining treatment?
  19. tomalak301

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    I hope the series doesn't get bogged down in the whole where are the 24th century characters and keeps it's focus on Picard's point of view. With that said though, and since Orange is the New Black is ending, I wouldn't mind if Kate Mulgrew came back to play Janeway. Heck, maybe we can finally get an answer to how 7 of 9 is adapting on earth. (And yes I did read Homecoming but havn't gotten around to Further Shore yet.
  20. Relayer1

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    Although that is right and proper, my main interest in the show is seeing what has happened in the intervening years, and in particular, with reference to DS9.