Gues who's writing two episodes this series.

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by StCoop, Mar 26, 2014.

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    I wasn't aware of all of those problems with VotD. So much makes sense now! :)
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    Gatiss clarified his involvement with series 8 on Twitter:

    There are interesting implications to that, that one (or both) of his scripts are for series 9. Does this mean that Moffat is a lock for series 9? Does this mean that Capaldi is also a lock for series 9? Or, could this be a situation like "The Girl in the Fireplace," which Moffat wrote with Eccleston in mind?
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    I think it just means that Gattis was paid to write 2 episode but doesn't know when, or if they'll air. That's a separate decision.

    In the classic series (and perhaps the new series), there's been cases where episodes were written but never aired. Or written for one producer but actually produced by another producer.

    He'll write what he's been paid to write and others will figure out when to fit them in. I don't think it means anything/anyone is a lock.

    Mr Awe
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    Gatiss did great work last season. Not so much everything else. Although I did fall asleep from boredom the first time that I watched The Idiot's Lantern, I did give it another go a few years later and actually liked it, apart from the villain's acting at the end.

    I have faith that MG would do well in the position. I would seriously hate it if any of SM's other friends got the job, as they are all just terrible. Personally, I want Neil Gaiman for showrunner.
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    To hell with that. I want a follow up story to the "Lazarus Experiment"
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    Bullocks to that! More Ice Warriors!
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    I'm with Christopher, ever since their first appearance, I have always wanted to see the Draconians again, and am saddened they weren't revisited in the Classic Series. (Need to pull out Mindwar and/or Mindwar Trilogy and watch it, I don't remember much at all, aside from the captivity part and a Girl who looks like Ace is being interrogated and doesn't identify herself as Ace and a Draconian [And a Sontaran?] are also in it.)

    I'd love to see the Draconians get an update like The Ice Warriors and Zygons got.

    Ambassador Centauri would also be cool to see realized with today's Doctor Who resources :bolian::bolian: <2 Cyber Thumbs Up!!!>
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    This. Totally this.
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