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    Apr 13, 2014
    FTL Theory Involving Dark Matter.

    If Dark Matter comprises 90% of the mass of the Universe then traveling faster to the speed of light and even faster we would encounter Dark Matter being pulled on by gravity at all times and in different directions.Thus we would encounter uncontrollable variables pulling on our ship in all directions that would become exponential in energy consumption to overcome. Our ship doesn't increase in mass, what our ship is experiencing as a supposed increase in mass is the continual build up of gravitational influences on Dark Matter that our ship is traveling through that then makes it appear as if our ship has increased in mass the closer that we arrive at FTL velocities.
    Due to the surface tension, small objects will "float" on the surface of a fluid, as long as the object cannot break through and separate the top layer of water ...
    Therefore if we think of Dark Matter as being an ocean that surrounds our ship on all sides, travelling through Dark Matter would break the surface tension between our FTL ship and Dark Matter thus 'sinking' or becoming to heavy to move as the result of the ship occupying more and more Dark Matter that is effected by gravity that then effects our ship.
    But if a field is created around the ship, much like the Fire Ant creates a raft in the water to float on, where the field around the ship functions in a convection pattern that repels Dark Matter, then an ocean like environment could be created around the ship. An environment where the surfaces of the ship would never break the surface tension of Dark Matter but would actually float on the created surfaces. If Dark Matter is effectively pulled on, it can be pushed on as well.
    Each surface of the ship would have to create a uniform field pattern of convection that would turn the squares and round surfaces into a fluid flowing bubble around the ship, much like each Fire Ant creates a pocket of air around each ant that creates the overall shape of the floating Fire Ant colony.

    VASMIR plasma engines could be used as maneuvering engines within minimal field generation to conserve fuel while Alcubierre drive would be used to propel the ship at full field generation to FTL and possibly faster velocities.

    Ant Colony Optimization could be applied to traveling through Dark Matter where ants would be able to determine where the least likely amount of Dark Matter resistance on the ship would be present allowing for a Dark Matter Sling Shot to take place. If ants can optimize the best trajectory in space for Cassini to take during its slingshot then an ant would also be able to figure the best possible trajectory for a ship to take while traveling through Dark Matter at close to FTL and possibly faster velocities.

    Watch the end of the video where Dr. Massimiliano Vasile discuses how ants were used in the Cassini slingshot program.

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    Apr 13, 2014
    New Observations From Hubble Could Confirm a Leading Theory on Dark Matter


    What attracted me to this article is the middle image of WGD J0405-3308. In a photo of Vega that I took a few months ago I found a similar interaction taking place near Vega, the only difference is the the central orb is not present in my image for some reason.

    You can also see the interaction that is causing the very similar action to take place in the WGD photo has as least four trajectory phases in the photo that I took which have been annotated.


    Photo 1 of Vega



    What ever is causing this interaction to take place, if it is similar to the WGD image and the artifact with four orbs is in fact relating to Dark Matter, then there must be an a force within Vega that is able to repel or deflect away the Dark Matter.

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    I found some more Dark Matter Orbs.




    In this image I have started "stringing" the Dark Matter together. Stringing is used to determine bullet trajectories at a crime scene. Since a bullet travels in a straight line from the barrel until it strikes something a string can be used to determine where the bullet was fired from. In this case Dark Matter Stringing is used to connect one Dark Matter orb to another. The "white feather" fluff is also curving away from the reaction taking place where the two orbs come close together. Or perhaps if you see the two orbs with bars attached to them they appear solid. It could be that the two orbs on the top orb where brought together by another form of energy that created the reactive energy stream.

    Stringer correction, the stringer should be connected to the two orb that the one arrow is pointing on the white feather fluff.

    This image is the one above but without any stringers.


    One arrow points to a three orb piece of Dark Matter that's close to the Stringer piece of Dark Matter. The second arrow is pointing to a location where two pieces of Dark Matter came close together and compressed matter in between the orbs to possibly cause an energetic reaction. The curve of the reaction has two orbs on each end thus suggesting that when two Dark Matter orbs come close to each other they might exert a field in another form of matter that causes the resulting matter to have two orbs on each end. Thus causing Dark Matter to stretch for a time being creating an increase in mass.

    A three orb piece

    In this image I string the trajectories of two three orb pieces where we might see the energetic reaction between the two with one gaining a fourth orb, the interaction creating a five orb piece that only lasts a planck with the other orb remaining a three orb piece.

    Clean image

    Stringed Image


    At the top is a Three Orb piece(2) at the bottom another Three Orb piece(1). The white line is the curved string that number 2 is taking. The yellow is the curved string that number 1 is taking.

    If you were to draw an ellipse through the centers of 1 and 4 and 2 and 5 you would see that the string curve of each is correct.

    At 3 we can see the trajectories of both 1 and 2 cross each others path. The confusing part is at 3. Is the five orb piece number 1 where we can see the middle three orb piece between 2 and the five orb or is the five orb a waste bi-product of the interaction, the white fluff bridging number 1 and 2 at three. Could number 2 orb become a five orb piece while transferring the data, the three orb piece in the center and then return to the original three orb piece? The numbering sequence involved equals seven.

    Number 2 Orb has the ability to receive matter to become a new form of matter and addition of matter. Orb piece number 1 has the ability to lend matter to number 2 and creates a five orb piece but returns to a three orb piece afterwards. Basically Number 1 could be considered the Female Orb receiving information from the Number 2 orb or the Male Orb. The Five Orb piece could be the excitation of energy between the Female and Male orbs at 3.

    There definitely is a curve in space time taking place as well as an exchange of energy where one energy becomes something other than it initially was in the beginning while the other energy remains the same flavor.

    What flavor should this be?

    Let's call it...Lewd Dark Matter Pairing in honor of Amouranth.

    Now my suggestive theory is this: We have seen one Orb piece change its composition meaning that it can receive matter to gain more mass. We have also seen the other Orb piece remain the same mass but lend its mass to another orb while creating another larger orb.

    If a field is able to be developed that inhibits the Male Dark Matter Orb from lending material to the Female Dark Matter Orb then additional mass would not be created as a ship passed through Dark Matter thus allowing for faster flight velocities. It might even be possible to reduce the Female Dark Matter Orb back into a three orb piece as well with another field to reduce the mass that Dark Matter would place on a ship traveling faster and faster toward the speed of light.

    There has to be an interaction between a light photon and dark matter that keeps the speed of light the constant that it is. It was been proven that the Universe expanded at faster then light speed velocities for a very, very short time. If Dark Matter had been around prior to the Big Bang then the Universe would not have expanded faster than the speed of light. Could a light photon be interacting with the Five Orb piece that constantly comes in and out of existence that sets the limit for the light photon?

    On a lighter note I think I might even have photographed a Tardigrade in the same shot of Vega that the above images came from.


    FTL is possible and does not violate any of Einstein's Theories nor any other theory at all.

    Very good video of Dark Matter -

    In the video Action Lab talks about how each galaxy has its own Dark Matter and that Dark Matter comprises 85% of the matter of the entire Universe. Dark Matter is only effected by gravity.

    Since Dark Matter is only effected by gravity using Anti-gravity (also known as non-gravitational field) to create a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. It does not refer to the lack of weight under gravity experienced in free fall or orbit, or to balancing the force of gravity with some other force, such as electromagnetism or aerodynamic lift.

    Creating a place around a ship that is free of Dark Mark would be achieved by using an Anti-Gravity device. There would only need to be a small amount Dark Matter free space between the surface of the repelled Dark Matter field and the hull of the ship. How the field would work is that the field would inhibit how Dark Matter interacts with itself to create mass. If Dark Matter didn't continually propagate itself then a gravitational force pushing against Dark Matter would force Dark Matter away from the center of a galaxy.

    Therefore A kinetic force must be present within Dark Matter where because of the kinetic interaction between Dark Matter, orb one that can receive an increase in mass would receive the mass of another Dark Matter orb that lends mass but does not transform but would have a near infinite amount of transferable mass. Mass that would most likely come as a result of a the Male Orb regaining mass during the pairing with the Female Orb.

    During any type of pairing between Sentient life excess energy is always given off. Thus a reason for a period of rest after a pairing has taken place, so that energy can be regained.

    Once the pairing has taken place the Female Orb moves away to find another type of Male Orb where pairing takes place again to create either a Male Orb or Female Orb that during the pairing more Dark Matter is released that one of the orbs regains to continue its ability to propagate.

    So far we would have a few Dark Matter Orbs. A Female Orb that can receive mass from the Male Orb where the Female Orb becomes another Dark Matter Orb that over its life time can only lend its mass to another Orb where eventually the Female Orb loses its mass entirely.

    The Male Orb would never lose its original mass but would over a longer period of time lose mass that it has regained through collecting energy that lost by both Orbs during pairing. A Male Orb would only have the ability to transfer its mass and regained mass from pairing to a Female Orb. In this way the Dark Matter is able to remain constant in the galaxy, otherwise due to gravity Dark Matter would simply dissipate into nothing.

    Other orbs that would exist would be Female Orbs that could form up to six orbs. A six orb Female Orb would be very long lived and be considered a Controller Orb. A Controller Orb that would create mass that would attract and repel other Male and Female Orbs differently.

    Basically the Female Orb 6 is like that supervisor or noxious aunt who goes through mood swings. One moment she is liked by all giving those who pass close to her more mass. But when two Female Orb Sixes come close to each other each of the Orbs change their mass. When other Male and Female orbs encounter her they receive a different mass than the first encounter received so that if the first set of Male and Female Orbs encounter the second set of Male and Female Orbs that have encountered the first Controller Orb the mass that is exchanged is different.

    Thus "WTF is going on?"

    If a Controller Orb does not change its orb mass and encounters the same Male Orb from a first encounter where the Male Orb received mass then Male Orb would continue to create the same mass that it created with a Female Orb over and over again.

    Since Dark Matter passes through us all of the time, Dark matter could be a contributing factor that shapes the physiological aspects of the outcome of the little @#$!#(&.

    Twins are two offspring produced by the same pregnancy. Twins can be either monozygotic ('identical'), meaning that they develop from one zygote, which splits and forms two embryos, or dizygotic ('fraternal'), meaning that each twin develops from a separate egg and each egg is fertilized by its own sperm cell.

    A Controller Orb could create identical Male Orbs if two Male Orbs encountered an orb on the Controller Orb that hasn't changed mass. The two identical Male Dark Matter Orbs then split away from the Controller Orb to then create and identical mass within two Female Orbs.

    Now with Dark Matter being able to be exerted upon by gravity, either repelled or attracted Dark Matter could be repelled away from a vessel while an internal field would continue to generate Dark Matter inside of the ship. The Dark Matter field inside of the ship would satisfy every aspect of Einstein's theories while still allowing a ship to travel to FAL (Fast as Light) and even FTL velocities. But for the time being I think that FAL velocities should be enough to get humanity going.

    Therefore in order for a vessel to achieve FAL, a ship must be first be able to create and maintain a field of Dark Matter inside of the vessel itself that does not have any pairing capabilities with naturally occurring Dark Matter on the outside of the vessel.

    In order to create a FAL (Fast as Light) or FTL drive, you have to maintain three constants.
    1. Create and maintain an artificial Dark Matter field inside of a vessel where said gravitational environment is comparable to the gravitational environment of the home planet that the Sentient Life is from.
    2. Ensure that the Artificial Dark Matter field and Natural Dark Matter outside of the vessel never come in direct or indirect contact with each other.
    3. Ensure that the field that repels Natural Dark Matter on the outside of the vessel does not increase the mass of Dark Matter but inhibits the mass of Dark Matter as a vessel travels faster and faster towards FAL and into FTL.
    Maintaining an artificial field of dark matter inside of the ship would satisfy every physics theory known. Because as matter of fact there is nothing in any physics book that states: " If a container is able to produce its own source of natural Dark Matter that amounts to an internal force of pressure comparable to the gravitational force of a planet where a life form is from then that said container would be able to travel at FAL and FTL velocities as long dark matter is repelled away from the container and the two fields of Dark Matter never come in contact with each other"
    Thus every aspect of Relativity maintained inside of a container while traveling at FAL and FTL velocities where the laws of Relativity are broken down around the container allowing FAL and FTL velocities.
    There has to be a Kinetic force energy/mass exchange present between a container, the contents of the container and naturally occurring dark matter where the faster the container is traveling the contents inside of the container are occupying more and more Dark Matter at faster velocities. Travelling at FTL velocities would suggest that a interaction between Dark Matter and biological systems exists where a biological system cannot compensate for the sudden and increased Dark Matter encountered.
    But if the consistency of Dark Matter is molded around a ship traveling to FAL and into FTL where the mass of Dark Matter is inhibited for a very short period of time while the internal mass of Dark Matter inside of the container is maintained at a constant that a biological system can compensate for regardless of the velocity of the container then FAL and FTL can be achieved.
    If the same type of environment that existed right after the Big Bang took place where matter expanded at FTL velocities and then suddenly slowed and the process is reverse engineered, then a container containing biological lifeforms maintaining a dark matter field inside of the container comparable to the dark matter interactions taking place on the biological's home planet that is separate of the dark matter flowing around the container will allow the container to access FAL and FTL velocities.

    In this image I have pointed out a Tardigrade that must have been on the glass during the shot. Water condenses on the glass due to different temperatures outside of the tube of the telescope and the inside tube of the telescope. The Wheeled Structure is another WTF IDF moment. Its there, its not photoshopped in and exists in the Very Far Layer of light. Meaning that what ever it is reflected the light of Vega. The pixels that are darker on the structure are obviously artifacts between the structure and Vega that are creating a shadow.

    The white line is a grid line just to let you know.

    This is a WTF IDFK moment for me just to let you know.

    I will enlarge the Wheeled Structure.




    In the next image I have used Bucket Fill to fill in the semi-transparent regions.

    This tool fills a selection with the current foreground color. ... With a low threshold, the bucket tool won't fill semi-transparent pixels, and they will stand out against the fill.

    This means the deepest UV layers that have been Bucket Filled should fill in completely as there might be artifacts that reflects light but the light is not detected by the camera sensor.

    The "fluff" doesn't fill because it is not semi-transparent.

    The region where the Wheeled Structure is located however does not flood fill suggesting that the Wheeled Structure it self is not semi-transparent.


    In this image I have my best to highlight the outline of the Wheeled Structure.


    This is the Wheeled Structure magnified to maximum.

    Scientifically speaking the Wheeled Structure is the light reflecting off of a crystal structure. However if such a crystal structure was present the same structure would appear in the image at the same size as the original was discovered. Using the Tardigrades approximate size of 32 pixels, .020 divided by 32 = .000625 inches makes the Wheeled Structure approximately 44 pixels wide multiplied by .000625 = .0275 microns wide.

    Possibly a Photonic Crystal - Highly Nonlinear Dispersion-Flattened Octagonal Photonic Crystal Fibers-

    https://s3.amazonaws.com/academia.edu.documents/54721060/lpt.2007.91298620171015-17384-1kocg3z.pdf?response-content-disposition=inline; filename=Proposal_for_Highly_Nonlinear_Dispersion.pdf&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Credential=AKIAIWOWYYGZ2Y53UL3A/20200112/us-east-1/s3/aws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20200112T060049Z&X-Amz-Expires=3600&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Signature=b12f2c7a1587697f2a47b4658ebea286239cf363e8e12982fef277de1227c577


    The image above does fit in with Wheeled Structure being a Highly Nonlinear Dispersion-Flattened Octagonal Photonic Crystal Fiber. But in order for the conclusion to be maintained there would have to be more crystal like structure present.

    Another issue that must be addressed is the tail that appears below the Photonic Crystal. I have seen the same type of tail in other structures as well that I have captured from numerous images taken of Vega over a three minute period.

    Similar crystal like structures that are missing the outer ring compared to the above image as well as having other particulars that are similar to the image above where the Dark Matter splits into two streams, each with two orbs at the end of the stream.

    I know the first inset appears as if the object behind it is connected to the "device" as I call them that has the two orbs in the center, In fact there are two "tethers" when the image is magnified. The object that is tethered to the device does not have any streamers leading away from its structure that would suggest the object is interconnected to other devices. Such a connection to other devices would suggest that the device itself and tethers are acting as some sort of conduit transferring energy from the object to the device. Based on the Photonic Crystal Fiber, there should be at least seven more similar conduits coming from the central object. But as such none have been detected.


    In the six images below, all have the signature tail like appendage just like the Wheeled Structure has. The difference that the devices do not have the same eight sides like the Wheeled Structure does. But most of the images do appear to have a circular shape on the outside or appear to be warping the artifacts around them into a circular shape around the central artifact.


    In the next image I outlined Star Child the best I could and then used Adjust Color Curve in GIMP 2.8 to enhance the image. Nothing other than the entire image as a whole was enhanced using the Adjust Color Curve function.


    In the next image I cut and pasted the Photonic Fiber image over what I call Star Child's bear that he is holding. In the original image there are very faint lines of light projecting from the two triangle points.


    This is the image of Star Child above without the Photonic Fiber overlay. The C shape of his hood would suggest that Star Child is part of the same process that is taking form three images above where the open C shape is common. The Spear that he is holding in his right hand could be in fact be an umbilical cord of sorts.

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    Well the Wheeled Structure isn't a Photonic Crystal Fiber, otherwise I would have seen the roll of fiber hanging from my telescope or between my scope and Vega.

    Back to square rather exponent 1

    I found another artifact that is identical to the Wheeled Structure. The only difference is between the two artifacts is that the Wheeled Structure is much large and resides in a Deep UV Layer of the image. The 3D Wheeled Structure, seen below, was captured on the Very Top Most UV layer of the image.

    Could be exotic matter.
    Both structures have segment lines, a bridge bulge and the distinctive tail and hook. The tail and hook is also present in the six roundel images above . The difference between this species of exotic matter is that it has a circular or octagonal outer shell while the artifacts in the six roundels appear to all have a cylindrical shape in the middle.

    If you look near the rear of the artifact you can see gray like cone behind it that is causing the reddish colored material to change to a gray color as the structure passes over it.

    I found another artifact that changes the color of the artifacts that it is passing in front of. You can see that the gray fluff on the left of the device is turned into a reddish color as the device passes across it. You an also see that there is a circular structure in the center of the device as well.


    Found another very interesting artifact. I think this is some type of life but I can't be certain.
    I checked numerous images of bacteria and viruses but didn't find any that fit the image profile.


    This image has been magnified many times as well as reducing the background noise. You can see the saucer like object in the center with something emerging from the top. You can also see the stick like worker’s limbs wrapping around the shell. The worker is definitely a solid as its central portion is casting a shadow on the shell. Uncertain what the six sided artifact to the right of the worker is. . The C shaped claw to the right of the worker bug is part of the Basal Body with the claw possibly being the Mot complex of a bacterial flagellar type III. There is also a second Basal Body directly below the attacking Basal Body.

    The image above was extracted from the original photo taken of the star Vega in the Lyra constellation on 10.11.2019 at 0142 am

    The domed shaped artifact that has a central shaft running down the middle into another bacteria is a Phage in contracted position ( post-attachment), they are the good guys.

    In the lower left hand corner you can also see the wheeled artifact with tail. The same type of artifact appears in the Star Child image above slightly to the left of Star Child. In the Star Child image the tail looks like it is raised in an attack or aggressive posture and is aimed directly at Star Child.



    The six sided artifact is most likely bacteria. The bacteria appears to be Siphoviradae(p2) in design based on the number of sides that the Trp has in the image above which is also six sided.


    But the base plates are entirely different. Instead of a base plate the Vegaviradae appears to have a Basal Body that is connected to the Trp via a filament then connected to a hook.


    All of the images below have either one, two or none Protein export apparatus.

    Thus the C device is most likely the Basal Body in the images below. The first image below however has two protein export apparatus. That's why the C Device looks so mechanical as it is most likely a Protein Export Apparatus

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    I went back and inked the Star Child plate of any bacteria.
    Image without inking.

    Inked image.


    I can understand the possibility of bacteria being found in the photo due to the camera interacting with the eyepiece of the telescope…but Star Child, that is a very interesting anomaly. If you look to the left and near the 10 o’clock position from Star Child, you can see a Basal Body arranging four Protein Substrates in perfect order. The Basal Body could be what Star Child is looking at.

    Could the Vegaviridae, as I call them, possibly have arranged proteins to create the form of Star Child? If so, why? Why would bacteria assemble such a complex image that appears human? How would bacteria know to form such an arrangment?
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    I found these three Squigglers in two different photos that I took of Vega. The first two come from the same photo of Vega but were found in different regions of the photo. The third one comes from the 10.11.2019 0142 am shot of Vega. As you can see all three have a bulbous head, tail with flipper and two eyes. The first two seem to have ears almost like a cats. Real images taken of Vega on 10.11.2019 between 0139 am and 0142 am.

    Three different images of the same life, that does prove a pattern that is not Pareidolia.

    Could such things live in Panspermia Space?


    I finally got a response from an eye doctor regarding the Star Child image.

    While I find those patterns to be intriguing, I am inclined to think they are not bacteria. It’s unlikely that bacteria are on your cornea (more likely that they are underneath your eyelid out of your field of vision). Those patterns may be floaters within your eye, or may be imperfections in your camera.

    1. Not bacteria.

    2. Can’t be floaters jumping from eyes to the camera sensor. But if the artifacts are floaters from my eye, then why is my mind creating such floaters ? If the images are floaters in my eye that somehow get onto the eyepiece while I was looking through the eye piece prior to attaching the camera, then a proof an ancient of creation still exists that the light of the Universe illuminated in the photo that used the natural starlight of Vega.
    Basically, deep in the subconscious mind, the earliest aspects of human DNA being created, life in the Unseen Light of the mind converges with the Seen Light to create life.

    Otherwise there is an alien life presence on the Earth that are communicating with humans by vibrating the water in the air at certain frequencies that the eye then registers as images in the subconscious that we can’t see but our mind recognizes.

    It might be possible to see with our dreams or subconscious. Although a minor test, if one were to subconsciously think of something and then place their eye on a 25 mm Plossl telescope eye piece during the thought while looking at a distant star, making certain the eye comes as close as possible to the eyepiece glass. Don’t look at the Sun. The Smartphone would then be attached to the eyepiece without touching the glass of the eyepiece. Smartphone settings of 1/4 shutter speed and 850 ISO. Once attached to the eyepiece aim the Smartphone at a distant very bright star, zoom in and take several photos. The picture doesn’t have to be perfect because the goal is get the Seen Light of the Universe to mix with the Unseen Light of the subconscious light. Mixing the Visible Light of Creation and the Unseen Light of Creation in the subconscious just might give us the ability to see God. Once the photo has been taken use GIMP 2.8 to increase the light curve of the photo thus exposing the artifacts with Seen and Unseen Light. Once God is seen the Connection of the Three Parts of the Whole will be complete and humanity will be set free of the Darkness on Earth so that humans will have the strength to venture into the Universe. It might take some time to get the technique down but don’t give up hope, Creation will be revealed.

    A8648×747 43.5 KB

    I don't want to be an alarmist but I did find this artifact in one photo and then this image of what appears to be a Borg / Klingon hybrid a a few days ago when I took a photo of Vega with only my phone.

    I did a cross reference of Borg technology and the coin is very similar to thebrass looking device on the end of Hughes manipulator.


    Photo of Jupiter. Using GIMP 2.9 simply increase the Light Curve until the artifacts have been exposed.

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    I would say "yes" if the consecutive posts are engaging and promote real content discussion.

    I found another "Borg" like filament in the photo of Vega.

    While playing STO earlier I was at a console performing at task and just happened to notice the diamond on the screen. Remembering that I had scene a diamond in the photo of Vega that I had taken, I took a snip of the screen.

    Here are the comparisons.

    Screen shot of the diamond from STO.

    Key components:
    1. Plunger on top of diamond and behind the letters.
    2. Short and bright vertical bars inside of the diamond.
    3. Horizontal bar in the middle above the triangle that is pointing downwards.


    Diamond filament found in the photo of Vega.


    Vega diamond filament with colored edges effect. I have also blackened the plunger, two vertical bars and horizontal bars for clarity.


    In this image the vertical bars of both diamonds match perfectly, height wise (blue dotted lines). Now why would the internal components of the Borg diamond from the screen of STO show up in the internal components of the Vegan Diamond? Not to mention the fact that vertical bars are the same height and the central plunger appears to have moved into diamond itself moving the horizontal bar lower?


    With Dark Matter or Dark Energy being a thing, as it is called, I would also have to say that within Dark Matter there exists bacteria. Bacteria, similar to the Electrical Bacterial, that would grow jumper cables connecting to other Dark Matter bacteria to then pass electrical charges through the Dark Matter grid to possibly create Dark Energy.

    Therefore, life could have existed prior to the Big Bang. Large regions of space covered with bacteria that fed on any available charged particles in the form of Exotic Matter, interconnected with jumper cables to create sheets of Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift. The Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift could even have been the cause of the Big Bang. With a large enough Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift massing charges across its grid, the entrance of a particle that became excessively excited, due to the amount of charged particles present, could have suddenly expanded to become the Big Bang.

    In theory, if there are bacteria that thrive in Dark Matter and create Dark Energy and the bacteria are interconnected like the Electrical Bacteria and the grid continues to grow as more and more Dark Matter Bacteria connect to the grid drifting in space and we are able to tap into the grid, we could, theoretically, send an electrical pulse through the grid in the form of Morse Code. Such a signal would most likely pass through the Dark Matter Bacterial Grid unaffected and could possibly be perceived as a form of communication.

    Using different frequencies of current might also cause a region of the Dark Matter Grid to compress and be pulled closer to the central source of energy excitation as the bacteria in the central region mass together collecting the new current of energy. Once the energy signature had returned to normal the Dark Matter region effected would be clumped in one area thus stretching and possibly breaking the network connections. Such a break in the connection would potentially leave regions within Dark Matter weakened or having less gravity allowing a ship to travel very faster through the rift. If two regions of Dark Matter are effected in the same way as the first region then a larger rift could be created allowing much larger ships with mass to pass through.
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    I wonder, could Dark Matter actually be some type of Primordial film, if you will, that existed prior to the Big Bang? A film comprised of small amounts of anti-matter that when matter came into contact with the pockets of anti-matter created very energetic releases of energy. Perhaps the reason why there are stars that are older than the Universe itself could be that such stars or Pillar Stars might have been pockets of anti-matter that came to be stars after interacting with matter.

    The Universe could actually have been very similar to a Einstein–Rosen bridge prior to the Big Bang, space-time being very compact but still having a great distance between two points where the two points could be traveled by going directly to point A from point B. If Dark Matter did exist prior to the Big Bang and maintained cohesion between both points, when matter and anti-matter collided causing a great release of energy, the two points of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge could have separated at the speed of light and possibly faster until the Dark Matter film in between both points exerted a pull on the other that slowed the expanding mass to light speed while at the same time still allowing the momentum of the expanding Universe to expand.

    A wormhole (or Einstein–Rosen bridge or Einstein–Rosen wormhole) is a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations.

    A wormhole could connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few meters.

    Basically, our Universe could have been several Dark Matter Einstein-Rosen Bridges that were very compact but contained thousands of light years of Dark Matter. Matter and anti-matter collides inside one of the bridges causing the great release of energy, that due to the very short distance between point A and point B, the sudden release of energy would have had more than enough force to expand the bridge points at faster than light speed velocities for a few seconds until the distance between point A and point B became to vast and the energy released by the Big Bang started to be absorbed by the stretching Dark Matter film.

    If Dark Matter can't be detected but is known to comprise 85% of the mass of Universe then Dark Matter could have existed as Einstein- Rosen bridges, very dense, almost to the point of being a singularity. If Dark Matter didn't exist prior to the Big Bang then what type of mass would have been present to slow down the anti-matter/matter release of energy? Without Dark Matter being present prior to the Big Bang then the Big Bang should have expanded at faster than light speed velocities until the first star, HE 1523-0901 the oldest star in the Milky Way was formed 13.2 billion years ago. The age of the Universe is thought to be 13.8 billion years. That leaves at least 600 million years between the Big Bang and the first star forming that gravity in the form of light speed limiting gravity created by a sun was actually present in the Universe.

    As far as I know a star creates the velocity of light speed based on the photons escaping from the star. If there weren't any stars in our galaxy until 600 million years after the Big Bang, and HD 1523-0901 is the oldest recorded star in history, then what type of mass would have been present that could have slowed the expanding release of energy from the Big Bang down enough to form HD 1523-0901 that releases energy at in the form of photons, at the speed of light?

    I think the reason why there is a gap between the age of the Universe and the age of HD 1523-0901 can be explained by two points on a Einstein-Rosen bridge expanding at FTL velocities until the distance between both points or several point became to vast for the energetic release to maintain. Due to energy bleed off from the expanding two points creating a gentle tug on the Primordial Dark Matter Mass due to interactions between the Dark Mark Primordial Mass and bleed off energy that was taking place behind the expanding mass.

    The numerous CMD of our Universe could be a result of the collision between matter and anti-matter very forcibly and rapidly expanding Primordial Dark Matter or the aspect of the Big Bang ripping holes in space-time itself.
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    We know that an Einstein-Rosen Bridge has two points of entry, A and B, that provides a shorter travel distance between the overall distance between both points. Matter has to have mass as does Anti-Matter.


    In this article the author says that there is no such thing as negative mass of anti-matter.

    Gravity is always attractive and never repulsive.

    Let's put this notion to the test for a moment. Gravity is always attractive and never repulsive the author stated. According to science, there are 1 billion, trillion stars in our Universe plus an unknown number of black holes that are thousands of times more gravitationally powerful than the total sum of all of the gravity generated by all of the stars in the Universe.

    Gravity is always attractive and never repulsive. With all of this immense gravity in our Universe always pulling on everything in the Universe, the Universe itself should actually be shrinking inwards towards the point of the Big Bang. Science however has proven that the Universe is expanding. Although the Big Bang was a great release of energy, the forward momentum of the edge of the Big Bang would have lost all of its energy by now. With Dark Matter comprising 85% of the matter of Universe as well as Dark Matter being effected by gravity, Dark Matter could be considered to be similar to a spiders web. Each planet and star caught in the sticky web unable to escape the gravitational inward pull of the largest black holes and suns in the Universe.

    If a rocket ship loses its propulsive thrust that it uses to escape the Earth's gravity and falls back towards the Earth, then the leading edge of the Big Bang, after losing its initial outward release of energy would no longer have the ability to expand outwards. Energy, even the Big Bang, would dissipate over time without a continuous source of energy being added that would maintain the original thrust velocity that the leading edge of the Big Bang had when the Big Bang first occurred. Especially in a Universe where some much gravity being present pulling on matter would cause the energy in leading of the Big Bang to dissipate very rapidly as more and more stars and black holes formed in the Universe. Just like the fly in the spiders web becomes more entangled the more it struggles, Big Bang energy would lose its forward momentum the more stars and suns formed in the Universe.
    Theoretically, the entire Universe should be falling inwards and not expanding.

    Every fundamental particle of regular matter has an antimatter version - author of the article

    If we think of the Universe in the form of being matter and the void around our Universe as being negative mass anti-matter we can theorize that matter on the leading edge of the expanding Big Bang is being pulled outwards while the gravity of the matter of the Universe pulls inwards.

    With matter not being able to travel faster than the speed of light and all matter being connected together through Dark Matter, then the pull of all of the black holes in the Universe would be slowly pulling all matter inwards.

    While special relativity prohibits objects from moving faster than light with respect to a local reference frame where where the local frame of reference being a sun whose gravity is responsible for the speed of light of a photon, without a Universe full of stars and black holes generating gravity, special relatively does not exist, just like special relativity does not exist inside of a black hole.

    Before the Big Bang and gravity that was generated by anti-matter colliding with matter, something had to have caused anti-matter and matter to collide. Something was pulling on both particles, otherwise neither particle would have collided together to create the Big Bang but would have remained motionless for all eternity.

    With primordial space dark matter theoretically being made of negative mass anti-matter, matter and anti-matter could have had a force exerted on them that when the two forms of matter collided, negative mass anti-matter pulling on the structure of both forms of matter in an outward direction, particles inside of the Big Bang mass could have been pulled outwards causing other interactions within the Big Bang to occur causing even more energy to be produced.

    As the two points of the Primordial Dark Matter E-R bridge were pulled outwards and occupied space-time, eventually both points would have occupied the same space allowing both matter and anti-matter to collide in the same space and time to generate and even larger amount of energetic release potential.

    But the big question is, what type of force was present in the Primordial Void that moved anti-matter and matter around that without such a force moving both forms of matter around, neither form of matter would have ever have found each other but would have remained at rest. A body of matter, regardless of whether that body is matter or anti-matter will remain in motion if a force is exerted against the body. The body will remain at rest if a force is not exerted against the body. Therefore matter and anti-matter were separate prior to the Big Bang and did not occupy the same space at the moment both forms of matter were created. A force would have been needed that pulled matter and anti-matter around the Void. Otherwise, a central and very dense region of space with an immense inward gravitational pull attracting both forms of matter would have been needed to cause the two forms of matter to collide.

    But if such a structure did exist then it would violate special relativity as nothing is able to travel faster than the speed of light, which FTL and faster velocities would have been needed by both matter and anti-matter and the resulting release of energy to escape the Primordial Black Hole. Otherwise both forms of matter might have collided and created the Big Bang but would never have been able to escape the event horizon of the primordial black hole.

    But if both particles did remain at rest and never moved then a force still would have been needed to create an Einstein-Rosen Dark Matter Primordial bridge to bring both particles together causing them to collide.

    What was that force?
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    There’s no discussion here so you’re just having a monologue. At one point you made four posts in a row I think if my tired eyes weren’t imagining things while scrolling past endless posts. That’s considered spamming on this site and could even bet an infraction. I’ll lock this to make sure you don’t keep talking to yourself.
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