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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are the rules?

    New: TrekBBS Rules
    Old: Old Rules

    What is the Trek BBS Warning System?

    TrekBBS Warnings

    How do I change my username? PM T'Bonz. One name change/year. If you can't PM me yet, post in QSF and I will take care of it.

    Why hasn't my premium membership taken effect or why I am still seeing ads?

    Premium Membership

    How do I access TNZ? In your profile, under the Preferences tab, you can Opt in to TNZ.

    How do I contact T'Bonz about something:

    What are the rankings?
    0-5 Cadet
    5-25 Ensign
    25-50 Lieutenant Junior Grade
    50-100 Lieutenant
    100-250 Lieutenant Commander
    250-500 Commander
    500-1000 Captain
    1000-2000 Fleet Captain
    2000-4000 Commodore
    4000-8000 Rear Admiral
    8000-16000 Vice Admiral
    16000-32000 Admiral
    32000+ Fleet Admiral
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.