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    We don't have our old list of rules posted yet (since the change to the new system), but I wanted to revamp them anyhow. I'm putting a short list up now, especially for the newbies, and for everyone with the release of the new film which will surely provoke conversation.

    I personally subscribe to the Wil Wheaton "Don't be a dick" advice. Since some don't fully get what that means, it means:

    -No Spamming. You can't post the same thing multiple times on the board, or post the same thing over and over in a certain thread or forum, or continuously make posts that have no real content or relevance to what is being discussed. Spamming can even just be posting too much--as a general rule, don't post more than two or three threads in a forum within a reasonable length of time. Just posting stuff like "Okay, " or "I agree!" could be spamming. Contribute to a discussion; don't just build post count.
    - No flaming. You can't call someone an ass or even use a tame term. If it's getting personal, step away from the computer.
    - No trolling. This means don't post stuff that you know will enrage someone in hopes of getting them to flame you back. This does NOT mean a contrary opinion.
    - No slurs. The N----- word, the F-- word, etc. (Slurs, not profanity) If it's borderline, just don't do it. This covers race, sexuality, ethnicity and religion or lack of religion. Just don't insult others.
    - No sales. While I'll wink at something in your signature line, we frown on posting strictly to sell your stuff. Sorry, but we don't want to take responsibility if the transaction goes south. This includes fundraising efforts unless it's something I approved personally for you, Ebay, and the like.
    - Post no more than twice in a row. This is so you don't dominate a discussion/thread. Use the quote function if you need to answer multiple posts aimed at you.
    - Don't hotlink. If you're posting a picture, host it on your own site/Photobucket, whatever. DON'T just link to another site. They hate that.
    - Picture size. I'll add more on this shortly. Short guide: The smaller, the better. If it stretches the page, you've messed up. Also - if you're quoting someone who used pictures in their post, no need to repeat that picture in your thread.
    - No posting personal stuff of other people taken from other sites, including FB, Twitter, LJ pages or whatever, UNLESS they have given you permission. I don't care if it's publicly listed elsewhere. No doxxing.
    -No posting TrekBBS private message (PM) contents on TrekBBS. Private means private. If you have an issue with a PM, then contact an admin or T'Bonz via PM about it.
    - No promoting piracy, or promoting adblockers. The last one especially will get you tossed from the board.
    - No duals. If I catch you with a dual, I will shut the dual, and either warn you or toss you off of the board, depending upon the circumstances. A dual means having more than one account.
    - Resurrecting dead threads. If you find a thread that has not had a post in it in over a year, don't post in it. Start a new thread instead. You can, if necessary, link back to the old thread if something crucial is in the thread.
    - Adult content. No nudity, near nudity or anything like that. Our sponsor comes down hard on that. If we ask you to remove something, that's why.
    - Avatars. No cussing, provocative photos or trolling via the avatar.
    - Signature line. No graphics whatsoever (use the avatar for that). Text only. Keep it short. If not, I will contact you. Four lines max is all that is allowed INCLUDING spacer lines.

    Penalities: At the discretion of the moderator, you may be warned for breaking the rules. A certain amount of warnings trips a day, week or month ban. If I feel that you are here only to cause trouble, or if I feel you don't care about the warnings and will keep making trouble, I can and I will eject you from the board. You don't know what that number of warnings may be, so don't try it.

    Appeals: If you feel your warning is in error, contact the mod privately. Give him/her time to respond (like a day or so at the least). Only if you still feel that you don't have resolution, post in Moderator Actions. I will then review the action. My decision is final.

    I want people to come here and to have fun, but we have to have some rules to keep it fun. Your cooperation is appreciated.
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