Forget Cockroaches as the most resilient lifeforms on this planet

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Timelord Victorious, Oct 14, 2012.

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    I remember reading about these when I was a kid. Fascinating little buggers. It's overly anthropocentric to claim humans are the "dominant" species on this planet, when we've got creatures like this living everywhere, who are a lot hardier than we are. I remember being amazed at how they could survive so long without water, and such extreme temperatures.
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    I know some of the people who worked for this experiment. They launched a few tardigrades in space and tested their resistance to such extreme conditions. It was pretty neat.
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    Tardigrades! I'm familiar with them; it's nice to see them getting some love.

    Actually, that whole sentence works out wrong. :lol:

    What I mean is, tardigrades are fascinating lifeforms that I'm always glad to see getting the attention they deserve. :)
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    Apollo 12 brought back the Surveyor 3 camera (robotic probe). Inside, scientists found bacteria that had survived 3 YEARS in the airless vacuum on the Moon.

    Gives credence to the fact that life could spread in meteorites.
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    I'm fairly sure we've known about resilient bacteria and microbiological life that can live in the harshness of space for quite some time now.