First Trek movie to be self Aware of itself?

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    Nov 1, 2001
    One thing really struck me while watching Star Trek, unofficially the 11th Trek movie, this film seems very self aware of itself and KNOWS that it's a Star Trek movie. The previous Trek films pretended like the universe they lived in were actually real, savoring a couple of moments here and there, like James Cromwell's Zefram Cochrane telling Riker and Troi "so you people, you're all astronauts, on some kind of star trek?" in First Contact, the other films and TV shows always rode the concept future life in the 23rd and 24th centuries like there was nothing wrong with it and played it with absolute seriousness. They always tried to be cool without admiting to how geeky they really were, and ended up usually being seen as geeky anyway and not worth bothering time with.

    This movie is serious too, it's certainly not camp, but the current Trek film winks and nods at you a lot. It seems to embrace being geeky much more, thereby being cool. I mean look at the bridge of the Enterprise, sure it's really nice looking but in all honesty is that bridge any cooler then previous bridges we have seen? IMO, its way nerdier then the bridge any previous Trek feature film Enterprise. It almost looks like something off of Galaxy Quest, which was a spoof of Trek. It's like they are giving the general public their perception of Trek, embracing the nerdy parts of it and spicing it up with as many cool plot bits as they can. That whole conversation Spock had with Kirk, where he demanded to know how he transported onto the Enterprise while at warp, wow that just seemed so nerdy to me, I don't remember any previous Trek film having such a nerdy scene. Scotty being so elated at beaming three people from two different locations, those scenes just felt more like how an outsider percieves Trek. But it happens in this film and this film is the coolest mainstream film of all!!
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    No STIV did it, so did STV and VI.