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Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Jimmy Bob, Jul 6, 2009.

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    I forgot to write impressions about Horizon and the Breach. Cogenitor just overshadowed them.


    Ah, Tony's contractually promised spotlight moment. It's been a long time indeed. His character just mostly did wide-eyed stares and oblivious smiles while asking silly questions. Last time we got anything was with Fortunate Son, and even that wasn't really Travis episode, as Archer took the second half over.

    Pretty good for an extra, slightly okay for a recurring guest role and just sad for a regular... so I'll be an optimist and go with the extra.

    I've most likely seen this movie somewhere before... I'm somehow reminded of some Disney tv films (the old ones - before Disney Channel), but I really liked this episode. My only issue is that some of the dialogue was just too uninspired... like that scene with an old girlfriend... but oh well, welcome to season 2.

    It was great to see Travis earn himself some cool points. T'Pol's subplot was great too. Especially her interpretation of Frankenstein. Humanity is somewhat a backwards collective in that era, like somekinda funny eastern bloc country, all xenophobic and racist and what not. But the vulcans are imperialistic and elitist and also quite racist and uphold some sick religious traditions (like the whole anti-mind meld teaching). And andorians are also quite fucked up. This is the stuff that Federation is made of.
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    Weeeell... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] :bolian::rommie:
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    First of all, I think that the discussion episodes like 'Dear Doctor' or 'Cogenitor' or VOY's 'Tuvix' cause speaks for the quality of them. They don't provide answers but ask questions. Here is my view upon them:

    Both are about the Prime Directive, about a central ethical principle that humankind has to learn, partly from Denobulans and Vulcans who have a bit more space experience. And this principle is quite often counterintuitive, why not help the oppressed third gender, why not save this species, why not directly interfere in Klingon interior politics when Romulans do the same?

    I think that in general, the problem are unanticipated long-run effects of interference. Good intentions alone don't suffice, recent history (Saddam Hussein, Mujahideen) showed that how interference can backfire. And how presumptous is any attempt to assist a third oppressed gender without any knowledge about the Vissian culture?

    Another problem is ratio vs. gut feeling. Humans sympathize with the disease-struck Valakians as well as the kept-back Menk whereas the Denobulan sees the rariety and stability of a symbiotic relation of two humanoid species on one planet as well as the potential long-run dominance of the Menk through the cool eyes of a scientist. The former emotional view is conflicted, you cannot help both species (unless you give the Valakians the cure and start a Menk rebellion, either or both might lead to war) whereas the latter rational view offers a clear solution.

    Or to make up another example, why shouldn't the Federation, assuming they had the firepower, assist all the poor species who have been conquered and subjugated by the Klingons?Isn't that the right thing to do, liberating people from their oppressors?
    It is on Earth where all humans share the same basic ethics, but out in space, you don't merely meet democratic folks who value life above all (UFP) but also the contrary, aristocratic folks who value death above all (Klingons).
    Two incompatible ways of life, so it is either we or them, i.e. total war ... or it is tolerating the intolerable and achieving a fragile peace with the Klingons in the 24th century.

    The Prime Directive is about humility and ENT showed nicely how humankind slowly learns the first lessons.
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    Apr 17, 2009
    The Breach

    Okay Travis you got your spotlight. Now it's back to getting injured again. I mean, who is really going to believe that you are an expert mountain climber. So break a leg and stay behind.

    Though I liked that scene where he is trying to keep the other two alive, holding the rope with whatever strength he has left while his leg is broken. I just hope that Travis gets some spotlight moments in future seasons too.

    But that subplot of rescuing those denobulan scientists was really... irrelevant?

    The Doctor's contractually promised spotlight moment had some nice touches. The episode kinda mirrors Dear Doctor, but this time I guess more people find that they made the right choice. Though right choices are what we watch TNG for... Enterprise is all about wrong choices, like Cogenitor for example.

    *tries to avoid a rant about Cogenitor's greatness*

    The Doctor is also revealed to never have taken the hippocratic oath.

    Doctor revealed some valuable insight into his character. He really is this wonderful liberal cosmopolitian man, but the kind that values his own and the others, and enjoys all of it. He grow up in a racist environment, but tried to live his life against racism. But his son became a racist, and now when that alien accuses of him of all evil things... the things he has tried to live contrary to... and that makes him very sad.

    There's also this side to it that the antarans are historical victims of denobulans. At least it was the impression I got that the denobulans were the winning side. I can't name particular examples, because nothing dawns on me right now... but it's quite common that the more well-do-off might grow more liberal and tolerant traits in the "can't we all get along" way, while the historical victims might grow more bitter, intolerant and hating, unwilling to put the past behind as they suffer from a collective shame.

    So... it's an okay episode. It's a bit too unfocused to really deliver any strong moments, but it has couple of nice moments.
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    Apr 17, 2009
    First Flight

    This episode totally shipped T'Pol and Archer. T'Pol paying attention to even the slightest mood changes of Archer, forcing herself along and making comments like: "Suppose we'll never know.(quizzical look from Archer) Who would have won."

    Perhaps it's just me jumping on the Archer/T'Pol ship... but they really have to sell Trip and T'Pol properly for me to buy it.

    Anyway, Archer is kind of a man who buries things down and lets them eat him from the inside. So T'Pol forces at least this thing to come out.

    The flashback story was quite nice. I was hoping for crazy 70's overtones, like weird hair and weird clothes, but this is okay. The episode even used the same stock footage from Regeneration. So it's great.

    Robinson comes across as very likeable fellow. Which makes it a pity indeed. "Life is fragile, don't waste it" is the slogan for this episode. Archer was really obsessed in his father's dream. Which eventually made him into a Star Trek captain and allowed him to grow into his own person... but yeah, he was a bit anal. He could have died back then from random tragic thing like Robinson did and never gone beyond anal. There's a very important lesson here somewhere. Oh well. I just watched the latest Dollhouse episode, so it was weird to see Robinson in there too.

    Actingwise I think Trip did the transition to the past the best. Armstrong was the same and Archer kinda in-between. Trip really felt different.

    It was also interesting to see this pre-starship society. Between first contact and before starship. The vulcans had quite a lot of power over earth matters in those days.
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    My brother! I know what you mean. I liked the interaction in Andorian Incident. I thought A Night in Sickbay was fun. But First Flight I think cemented they seem to have a certain something. Keep watching. It'll be interesting if we still agree in seasons 3 and 4.

    By the way, I think in Cogenitor I was agreeing with you and disagreeing with Lady Conquerer who indicated Trip was right. I don't think he was. I also think Archer had a big dose of "Oh sh*t, this is what I've been doing" in that episode which I think your completely adept review indicated. :) We're still agreeing. We're still agreeing so much it's starting to scare me!
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    Apr 17, 2009

    Billy Bob: "Hi, Jimmy Bob, it's me Billy Bob."

    Hi, Billy Bob. What are you doing here?

    Billy Bob: "Oh I'm just passing around. Thought I'd drop in. So, whatcha doing cousin Jimmy?"

    I'm watching Enterprise. I'm almost done with season 2. Enterprise really didn't show itself from the brightest side in this season, but I hope it picks it's act up and delivers.

    Billy Bob: "Hey who is that hot sexy half-naked woman with cousin Bob."

    That's not cousin Bob... it's doctor Phlox and he is a Denobulan doctor. It's a planet somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant.

    Billy Bob: "But what is wrong with that woman?"

    She has to have sex in the next 24 hours or she will die.

    Billy Bob: "Wow, I never knew this sci-fi stuff could be so.... mentally stimulating."

    *T'Pol runs around naked with men in skafanders after her*

    Billy Bob: "Is this like one of them european movies where naked girls being violated is actually a criticism against capitalism and modern civilization?"

    No, I don't think so. It's just the writers killing time, not knowing what to do. But what I find kinda funny, is that this episode is directed by Roxanne Dawson, who herself acted 7 years on Trek. I'm just curious what she thought of this episode and did she compare the trials of Jolene to her time on Voyager.

    Billy Bob: "What's papa doing there?"

    That's not papa. It's an alien bounty hunter. He kidnapped captain Archer, who is innocent, and wants to bring him to the klingons so he could get money. But Archer says that money brings no happiness.

    Billy Bob: "Preacher Timmy used to say that a lot, before he ran away with all the congregations money. Then he died from heart attack while snorting cocaine off a stripper's body in Las Vegas and now auntie May says that he's burning in hell forever."

    Yup, good old preacher Timmy. He always taught us by example. See now Archer has convinced him to help him trick the klingons, so he could get his money and Archer his freedom.

    Billy Bob: "I liked that greek tragedy about that poor girl, who needs to have sex in the next 24 hours or she'll die, much more. I'm more of a drama guy. Besides, I find the positive portrayal of bounty hunters offensive. We've lost half of our kin to those bounty hunters."

    Ah, fuck this. Go away Billy Bob. It's not just working.

    Billy Bob: "Why? What did I do?"

    Nothing. It's me. I'm drunk and I thought I'd be funny... but much like Old Johnny the amateurish stand up comedian in the local bar, I was dead on arrival. Much like this episode in fact. There's a lesson in this - never write posts when you're drunk. All I can say is that this episode just tested my patience. I can appreciate the try's at continuity, but... something different is needed. The show's sort of tired. It needs a revival.

    Billy Bob: "Oh like the revival sermons of pastor Jebediah?"

    Yes. Something like that.
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    Oh boy do I love Cogenitor! Finally we get a great episode that isn't Carbon Creek. People have already largely summed up why it's great, but for me, there's an extra factor: Andreas Katsulas. The man was a sci-fi legend whom we lost far too soon, so it's a pure joy to see him here, and involved in a rather majestic sub-plot to boot. :hugegrin:
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    Apr 17, 2009
    The Expanse

    Whoah! This felt completely different. There was an interesting off-key element vibe to this episode in comparison to what the show has been so far. It did felt like a new pilot. A new beginning for a new show. The characters were portrayed in that pilot manner too.

    The episode itself isn't very good. But it may be because it's not very stand-alone. What it promises for the show to come is interesting. Delphic Expanse feels like a strange, hellish and mysterious place - something which Delta Quadrant was only a briefly with Vidiians in Voyager. Wonder if season 3 is Braga's attempt to do his Year of Hell arc? I just can't wait to experience Delphic Expanse. I didn't care much for Future Guy's appeareance, or Klingons... or all that drama side. All I could think was "a new hellish place in the galaxy? - fuck yeah, I wanna see that!"

    Concluding thoughts about season 2

    I've bitched about season 2 enough, so I'll make it short. It was wrong. The most wrong way one could follow on from season 1. Season 2 just remade various movies and old tv shows. It played tropes so straightly that there's a special page for it -

    The characters were also left in the back. Archer and T'Pol were the only characters who grew over the season. Though I can't decide if it was the actors attempts to portray a sense of continuity or whether there was any help from the writing. Anyway, I think season 2 really shipped Archer and T'Pol, and if I wouldn't know about Trip and T'Pol, I'd totally expect for Archer and T'Pol to go lovers on each other.

    Travis got one episode which did manage to give him some chance to show that he's also a human. Not much but he earned some cool points there.

    Hoshi and Malcolm were more prominent in the first half of the season. Malcolm was established as a person who might get into conflict with Archer. Hoshi had... moments.

    Doctor was more prominent in the second half. And Trip was mostly stale throughout the season. Trip was probably the least charactery character in this season, if we consider Travis to be an extra. But this sister stuff kinda promises that his character is going to get some major growth and spotlight.

    So there. I liked Enterprise, after season 2 I still like it but I'm certainly glad it's over now and may Delphic Expanse deliver us from mediocrity.
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    Apr 17, 2009
    The Xindi

    Enterprise here had a bit of Joss Whedon moment. Okay, now most of you are probably thinking of something else that what I was thinking. By JW moment I meant that exciting and mindblowing substory that spans episodes, but meh episode itself. Also subpar season openers.

    Exciting parts:

    1) The Xindi - Future Guy says that they want to destroy Earth because Earth will destroy their planet in 400 years. But now, they're planet is already destroyed many centuries ago? Something's not right. And the whole council scene... slightly comic-bookish, but I liked it.

    2) Archer

    3) T'Pol's new costume(s) - Damn she looks like 200% better than she did in season 2.

    4) Trip's dream - That was a beautiful scene.

    5) Military on board - new recurring characters, already a clashing with Malcolm

    Not so exciting parts:
    1) The whole jail thing - while the overseer guy was a wonderful tribute to these sorts of characters, and while the sets where cool, and the whole Trip&Archer being edgy contributed a lot to the excitement and the shooting... it might just as well been a season 2 episode if there weren't any Xindi in it.

    Trip&T'Pol: While I'm an Archer/T'Pol shipper myself, I can admit that the start is at least logcial. The Doctor just arranges it basically - "getting laid might be good for you, Trip." Apparently Doctor believes in sexual healing. We can see that T'Pol doesn't really think much of Trip and agrees only because "ah screw it, let's just go with it" I assume. It seems logical, distressing times, two people spending a lot of time together, touching each other... the course is obvious. It's all Doctor initiated. I assume it's one of those temporary things. T'Pol's way of doing was a bit un-T'Polish. I would have expected something more matter-of-fact and playing it straight. But she went all side-boob and suggestive moans.
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    The Net
    Awesome. I love reading these, and can't wait for you to get into season 4. Keep it up. :techman:
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    I agree. I'm not sure I like the analysis, though, that Dr. Phlox is a pimp. I would really like to think he's not one. I'd also like to think Trip is hurting and needs help and T'Pol has help to give and that because of this "help" they can't help but do the nasty. (Oh, that and T'Pol's issues that help her become less inhibited, even though as a Vulcan she has to work on keeping those inhibitions as we hear in Impulse.) I so don't and never will understand that one.

    Anyway, continue!

    Beware - fanwank ahead. Just to be clear, some fanwank is fun. Fanwank that's fun is = "Oh, snort, that's how fanlore came to be. Cool." Fanwank that's just wanky = "Oh, snort, at the sacrifice of characters, we find out some random tidbit that has already been wanked." For example, I thought the Borg episode during season 2 was incredibly disappointing. It softened the interesting part of the Borg and made them nearly 2-dimensional characters when writers before had worked so hard to make them interesting, unique and terrifying. Anyway, when we get to those episodes, I'll let ya know.
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    Apr 17, 2009

    Fuck yeah. You know, with a name like Anomaly, you would think that this episode is all about space anomalies... again. But it wasn't about space anomaly at all. It was all about Archer threatening to kick people out of the airlock and it was amazing. I think one of the main themes of this season really is Archer vs Delphic Expanse. He's a good kind-hearted man, but this place is eating and twisting him apart.

    "When we entered this expanse, we were no different than you. Two merchant ships looking for trade routes. Then the first distortion hit us. We decided to return home, but the perimeter, the thermal barric clouds - they let you in, but they don't let you out. One of our ships was destroyed trying. Ater a few more encounters with the anomalies it wasn't long before we came predators . This section of the expanse proved to be ideal for hunting. When the ship runs the ground due to spacial distortions, it becomes an easy target. Our captain told us we wouldn't harm anyone. And we didn't. Not at first. It takes time to kill without remorse. You're not prepared to kill, or torture. Not yet."

    Oh I'm so hoping these words foreshadow something.

    This episode is just very clever. It begins as a normal space anomaly episode, it uses all the familiar tropes - haunted space station, crew aboarding it, stuff happens - but the actual anomaly is captain Archer himself. The way this episode was directed (or edited) - the action scenes in the end - they all enhanced that terrible obsessiveness. It was very emotional episode. Powerful emotional. Not emo-melo.

    Because in the end, as the Xindi information fills the room, Archer's ever-serious expression says all that needs to be said. And that was what this episode was all about. That scene in the end.

    With just two episodes, Delphic Expanse has proven itself far more interesting than any Quadrants we've had so far. I'd say it might actually turn into Voyager done right. Of course, I don't know yet.

    Also, because Enterprise has avoided senseless deaths of random crewman, this first death actually felt like serious business.
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    Without ruining anything,
    I love the line Archer says when he makes it back to Earth: "I lost something out there. And don't know how to get it back."

    Sorry, Guardian Bob, but if I hadn't seen Season 3 of Enterprise, this would be a spoiler. --HR
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    Apr 17, 2009





    Oh God, no.


    God have mercy.


    There... this episo... what I mea... to analyze...the relationship of the primitive mind...


    It was just bad. This episode was exactly like a bad Voyager episode. There isn't really anything I can say.
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    Dinner to bug.
    One of the very few disappointments of season 3.
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    Extinction is indeed terrible. Probably Enterprise's lowest point as far as I'm concerned.

    Season 3 has a couple more bumps in the road before it gets really good, unfortunately.
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    There are a few bad episodes during season 3. Most have a point though, even if they may be bad. (A point that surfaces later on in the season.)

    Season 3 is my favorite. Keep watching. In particular: Impulse and Twilight are awesome! (Oh, then everything after Azati Prime is pretty kick butt too, give or take a couple of scenes.)
  19. Jimmy Bob

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    Apr 17, 2009


    Not good. I get that with all those council scenes and stuff, season 3 wants to become a comic bookish space opera goodness and.... it's no Extinction, but Rajiin is not the Anomaly we need. Or want. It was just very run-of-the-mill Trek. We've seen this episode in Voyager for like gazzillion times.

    The only interesting part was the end when Rajiin reports her findings. My favorite Xindi species are those whale xindi's and the insectoid ones.
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    Yeah, Rajiin is stupid. Hang in there. I promise it gets better!