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    A Star Trek digital magazine, created by the fans, for the fans. That's the Federation Herald in a nutshell and you may have heard of us before through Cryptic Studios or our presence last year on TrekCore and various other websites. Starting back in 2004, in recent years, we've gone from a gaming group newsletter, to an online magazine reaching out to the entire Star Trek gaming community.

    We've been in contact with a variety of communities and people, including Cryptic Studios, academy award winning Doug Drexler, Star Trek publishing author David Mack and various other game developers such as those working on Star Trek Excalibur and the now defunct Star Trek Infinite Space.

    About The Federation Herald
    Previously, we've written and created the Federation Herald completely in-house at the UFPlanets.com Star Trek community, but we're now recruiting from the community at large because we're serious about making a difference and providing something which fans enjoy. Take a look at our previous Federation Herald editions at http://www.federationherald.com. We release our publication on a seasonal basis, so every 3 months.

    The Federation Herald brand and publication is managed under the company UFPlanets.com Ltd. (it's a non-profit company set up by fans). To show we're serious, you can view our corporate website here: http://corporate.ufplanets.com. Our Mission Statement: "The Federation Herald is a magazine that we want to distribute to all fans, for free, that's created FOR them."

    What We Can Offer You

    • While this is a voluntary role, it would obviously take several hours of your time for each edition. That's why we're happy to provide references, should you choose to put it on your Portfolio/CV. LinkedIn support is also available.
    • With whatever you're doing, you'll gain a wide range of experiences from your preferred industry and have a voice within the Star Trek community. Not many people can say that they worked with a Star Trek publishing author or Cryptic Studios for example.
    • We're serious about what we do, you'll pick up skills and experience in how an operation such as this runs and you'll most likely be able to apply these skills later in professional life. You'll develop a set of contacts, both with your colleagues and others that you'll find will be either new friends or new business contacts.
    • Perhaps most importantly though, you'll be doing something you enjoy, for a franchise you love.

    Explanation of Roles for the Federation Herald
    I've summarised what each position of the Herald involves, but should you have any other questions or want more details, do please email me, the Editor-In-Chief at stefano.elia@ufplanets.com.

    Herald Editor - The editors steer the direction of each edition of the Federation Herald by co-ordinating staff and content. They have general control of the publication. They're hired on a 'full time' basis.

    Herald Content Designer - These staff members contribute a number of hours and use Photoshop/InDesign to create the look and feel of the Federation Herald. They're hired on a 'full time' basis.

    Herald Full-Time Writer - Full Time Writers for the Herald are expected to submit a reasonable amount of articles per release of the Federation Herald, with the number agreed upon by themselves and the Herald Editors. This group of writers are often experienced and take on bigger stories.

    Herald Part-Time Writer - Part Time Writers are those that contribute one or two articles per release of the Herald, but their quality can range from standard to excellent. This group is for those who are starting out with the publication or don't have the time to contribute more fully.

    So does this sound like something you might be interested in helping out with? We have a variety of positions available as we take the publication to the next level. Positions currently open include: Content Designer, Full-Time Writer, Part-Time Writer etc. If you feel you have a skill in another area that may be of use to us though, then still feel free to apply, that could include a Social Networks Manager and so on.

    If you're interested in applying, simply send off an email to stefano.elia@ufplanets.com stating why you wish to apply, any experience you may have and preferably an example of your work. If you're applying for a writing position and don't have an example piece, please write a short news story on something that's recently happened in the world of Trek.

    You'll hear back in a few weeks and things will go from there. Please note that upon successful application, you would be required to provide your real name (it's published in the magazine as a credit) and sign up on a community forum.