Exciting Bottom Quark Discovery

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    Potential for a new engine or type of propellant.


    The article discusses that when when two bottom quarks fuse they produce 138 MeV of energetic potential, nearly 120 MeV more powerful than the reactions inside of a H-bomb.

    With 3D printing and Micro 3D Printing revolutionizing the manufacturing process how feasible would it be to scale down the Large Hadron Collider to generate, monitor and process the bottom quark just before it goes of existence?

    If miles long particle accelerators are needed, could only the acceleration process, bottom quark generation and monitoring process and the specific atoms needed to create the energetic release be built like much the intestines of a human body where the accelerator tubes wrap around and stack on top of each in a smaller compartment but when stretched out are much longer?
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    There is no possibility of a chain reaction so uncontrollable release of energy is not a concern. The half life of particles containing bottom quarks is generally about 1 picosecond so you'd need to accelerate them to almost light speed to prevent them decaying before you could collide them. Methods have been proposed to use photonic crystals to miniaturise particle accelerators but I haven't heard any more about these proposals lately. Not impossible but certainly very difficult, requiring new technologies, and I doubt the energetics would lead to a nett production of useful energy as the fraction of particles containing bottom quarks would likely be small.
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