Episode titles 10 to 15...

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  1. DaveyNY

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    OK, so somebody is going to be replaced by their Mirror Double, similar to Harry Kim in the "Deadlock" episode.

    But it turns out the Mirror Replacement is actually a nicer person.
  2. Mr. Laser Beam

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    May 10, 2005
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    Maybe MU Landry will show up and she WON'T be an incompetent jackass who gets herself killed in a stupid and pointless way. :p
  3. Burning Hearts of Qo'nOs

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    I would find it very amusing if somehow her being very kind and overly cautious also gets her killed.
  4. Refuge

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    'Will You Take My Hand' is almost matrimonial but could well be like a parental figure helping or guiding someone younger or in need of help. Given it is episode 15 I'm hoping it means moving on from the war and rebuilding
  5. ralph

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    Yes, something like that.
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