End of beta, system update and a gift

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    Hi all,

    Trek BBS exiting beta
    I am pleased to say that Trek BBS exits beta today! I know you're probably thinking "It was still in beta?" but I wanted to get a few critical things fixed, mostly around Old Gray issues. That doesn't mean everything is done or 100% perfect, but I consider most of it done and all critical issues solved.

    The dedicated sub-forum will close, but of course use QSF for feedback as usual.

    System update
    Now I can actually update Trek BBS, I do! Today we went to version 1.5.6. Only bugfixes in this one - the technical inclidned can find out what here.

    Blue is the new gray
    Need I say more? Check it out and feedback welcome. I can see a link issue which I'll fix now,a nd there are bound to be other niggles that need fixing.