Embarassing moments during good episodes

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    And this gem from Kirk...."that's in the southern-most part of the galaxy"....or something to that effect.

    I believe it is from "Let That be Your Last Battlefield".....

    It always bothered me, that episode, that conveniently, a door was ajar when Spock was listening in on the attempt to win over some of the crew. Since when did those swooshing doors remain half open?

    And then end of that episode....what is up with Gorshin....and the way he is jogging to the transporter room. Simply....awkward.

    I love TOS though. No question....faults and all.
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    But...Kirk thought he was an Andorian at the time....
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    Not everyone keeps their genitals in a different place either....
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    Yes, what the hell do "north" and "south" mean when you're talking about a galaxy? Of course, the line is meant as part of the whole racial allegory thing, which is about as subtle as a charging bull elephant.
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    inside teacake
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    Then its news to me and that's my ignorance shining through. :wtf:
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    "Southernmost part of the galaxy" isn't so bad coming from the captain who'd later tell his helmsman to set a course for "thataway".
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    Yup there is a Galactic north and south...unfortunately the Coal Sack nebula, where Charon is supposed to be near, is not "south"
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    Let's please have a look at this line:

    Kirk: That's in the southernmost part of the galaxy, in an uncharted quarter.

    So he somehow seems to know the planet of Cheron and its location, but the region it is in is an "uncharted quarter" [of the galaxy]. :rolleyes:

    Or its just a mythical planet like Eden - and Kirk is asking a trick question to figure out where Cheron might be, hoping Lokai would correct him. :lol:

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    Actually, the Coal Sack Nebula is in Crux, which is one of the constellations closest to the south celestial pole. Which is not the same as the south pole of the galactic coordinate system - in fact, Crux lies on the galactic equator - but I can see how the writers might have gotten that confused (and very few viewers would know the difference, anyway).