Eddie Money Has Died

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by Mr. Laser Beam, Sep 14, 2019 at 12:05 AM.

  1. Mr. Laser Beam

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    May 10, 2005
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    RIP Eddie. God has truly taken you home tonight. :(
  2. Gary Mitchell

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    May 16, 2001
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    Rest in peace Mr. Money.
  3. auntiehill

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    Feb 7, 2006
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    NO....I loved his "No Control" album when I a kid. Holy crap. Smoking takes another life. :(
  4. Doctor Bombay

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    Jun 30, 2011
  5. RJDiogenes

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    Jun 11, 2003
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    Aw, man, I like Eddie Money. RIP, Eddie. :(
  6. Gaith

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    May 11, 2008
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    I went to the San Francisco Giants game last night, and the sound system played about a minute of "Take Me Home Tonight" between innings, and "Baby Hold On" also. (Apparently Money lived in the Bay Area much of his life.) Ian Crouch, The New Yorker:

    Extolling the virtues of Money’s catalogue—with its bluesy electric guitars, roadhouse harmonica, gated reverb on the drums, synthesizers, and plenty of cheesy sax—makes one feel a bit like Patrick Bateman, in “American Psycho,” going on about the secret artistry of Phil Collins’s worst songs. But Money contributed a series of earworms that have, thanks to classic-rock radio, burrowed themselves into the American pop psyche.​

    Also, apparently Money didn't initially like "Take Me Home Tonight," which he has no writing credit on! Disillusionment! Ah well, life may be complex, but 80s gold hits will never die... :p