Early on, could Seska have flipped Neelix?

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    I'm very good at being absurd.

    The US military should assault Holland with the full force of it powers to arrest and incarcerate the totality of the pot users and distributers to uphold the superior ethics of America beyond it's borders.

    Meanwhile what about prohibition during the 1930s? Was Al Capone a decent sort of guy and Elliott Ness a ridiculous idiot just farting about with law no civilized person should have to enforce?

    Immoral laws from an unjust government?


    You can't pick and chose how moral a country is and if you chose to break laws made by that country which you find unconscionable, there will be legal consequences... Unless you're planning a popular uprising which has it's own can of worms.

    Later in Counterpoint... Do you think that Janeway was a criminal or a hero for smuggling telepaths through Devore territory when they are expected to be detained, sterilized and worked to death in concentatiion camps? Sure you can say that she's a hero who did the right thing, but there was a 90 percent chance (higher?) of Voyager being impounded and her crew being sent to one of those concentration camps for flouting Devore law.

    If things had gone a little differently, after 20 years of digging holes and then filling them up again in the back yard of a Devore Labour Camp, there's a distinct possibility that even Harry Kim is going to spit on Kathryn Janeways grave for being a pretentious and arrogant SOB.

    Then there's Swarm! "please don't tresspass or we will kill you." What happened there? Janeway tresspassed anyway and then was forced to defend her self murdering thousands of swarmies becuase they didn't want to change their mind and accept Janeways enlightened definition of reason. Seriously, someone breaks into your house and shoots you becuase you're tying to defend your home from them, and they're on the side of angels?

    All Voyager does is pass through weird empires with strange laws that are probably going to bite them in the ass even if they're bloody well behaved, and sometimes they are the opposite of very well behaved and really deserve a fancy trial and a public execution like when Tom blew up that power station in 30 days, or Tuvok stole proprietry technology from the Sikarians in Prime Factors.

    In Rome, do as the Romans do.

    They're a dirty crew and Captain Ransom should have thrown the book at them and put them all in chains... If that is, he wasn't then currently in the midst of a mass murder spree, that it would have been a touch cheeky to call them on their shit when he was past his neck in his own.