DRGIII posted the cover for his The Fall novel on FB.

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Mage, May 22, 2013.

  1. DEWLine

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    Apr 27, 2003
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    Transparent tritanium for the viewport of the arboretum section?
  2. Skywalker

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    Feb 24, 2005
    Nice cover; DS9.1 looks fantastic. I love (what appears to be) the Vanguardesque terrestrial enclosure.
  3. indianatrekker26

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    Oct 8, 2006
    such a great cover. This just gets a fire lit under my ass to finally get caught up on the 24th century stuff. I own all the books, but still to this day, i've only read everything up to Destiny. I still need to get through the Post-Destiny, Typhon Pact stuff. so i'll be starting tonight with "A Singular Destiny"
  4. Thrawn

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    Jun 15, 2008
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    There are some weak points, but eventually you get to Plagues Of Night / Raise The Dawn, which is just phenomenal.
  5. Admiral_Young

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    Feb 27, 2002
    I like the cover a lot as well and the new station design is very cool indeed.
  6. Sxottlan

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    May 7, 2001
    Stealing Lu Bu's Horse
    In general I like the design. Namely that Starfleet would be nostalgic enough to build an entirely new facility, but harken back to a Cardassian design when they could just as easily build one of their normal designs.

    It's kind of hard to make out what that green is, but yeah I suppose an arboretum would be reasonable. And the rim of that window appears to be bright like it's a force field.

    I can't tell if it's the angle, but the central core underneath looks to be slightly off kilter, as though it's farther back than that dome underneath. But wouldn't that be all one structure?

    I guess the only thing I'm a little confused by is the vertical rings. Not that they exactly made a lot of sense on the original station (shouldn't they have pointed outwards?). Seem like they'd be a hazard to navigation. Or simply block the view. I thought I remembered reading that there would be docks all up and down those rings, but would they be stacked up more on the vertical part? Or is a ship supposed to turn perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the station to link in? Like towards the top?

    Also, is it me or is that ring above the terrestrial enclosure not actually attached to the rest of the station? ;)

    After the Mirandas were seemingly retired to make way for the Merians, it appears the Excelsiors could be the oldest class still in operation. Total speculation though obviously.
  7. Sho

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    Sep 8, 2006
    Berlin, Germany
    I really like that cover in terms of content, but the rendering quality is lackluster.
  8. lvsxy808

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    Jun 29, 2001
    I'm pretty sure it was stated that O'Brien and Nog had a big hand in the design of the thing, so the deliberate visual reference may be their doing rather than Starfleet-at-large's.

  9. Christopher

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    Mar 15, 2001
    As stated at the source link, it's probably not the final render. The first releases of Trek novel covers are often drafts rather than final art.
  10. rahullak

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    Jun 4, 2009
    Or maybe that's just the Badlands in the background?
  11. Jarvisimo

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    Jan 4, 2011
    The nebula in the background makes me think of Babylon 5, which always seemed to have a nebula or something colourful in the background of its stations, ships, battles and planets. [Edit: or a computer game world like Homeworld 2]

    Also the station seems not only to be a callback to old DS9, but also the artists' drawings in 'Far Beyond the Stars'
  12. CaptainDonovin

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    Jul 8, 2006
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    Nice cover, can't wait for this mini-series.
  13. JD

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    Jul 22, 2004
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    Does anybody know yet if all of book in The Fall will share a common cover design theme?
  14. Patrick O'Brien

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    Feb 9, 2012
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    Cool cover art. Cannot wait for this series to get started:)
  15. King Daniel Beyond

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    Nov 5, 2008
    King Daniel Beyond
    I've just realized the Robinson isn't flying in front of the station, it's docked with it.
  16. Dimesdan

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    Oct 12, 2007
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    Does dodgy CGI count as a theme?
  17. Turtletrekker

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    Aug 23, 2003
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    Magnificent! Can't wait! :)
  18. Ktrek

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    Apr 21, 2003
    I like it! Not a bad cover. I'm really looking forward to reading these as I'm tired and disappointed in the TOS books we have gotten so far this year. I hope next year that Pocket schedules a lot less TOS. Although I have high hopes that Leisner's Shocks of Adversity, which arrived yesterday but have not started yet.

  19. Titus Andronicus

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    May 22, 2004
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  20. King Daniel Beyond

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    Nov 5, 2008
    King Daniel Beyond
    Nice pics of the new station there, and nice info about the book too!