double loyalty of Odo and Worf (and maybe7of9)

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    guys, so are there any novels which explore the thinking and problems Odo and Worf face in terms of their loyalties?

    for example is there a novel on how worf faces a situation where klingon empire and federation come into conflict and how he thinks about resolving the conflict of loyalties in his head. same for Odo.

    i am really interested in something more than superficial discussion of this issue.

    i would really appreciate some guidance on this issue. thank u

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  2. Stephen!

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    For Worf, there is a novel called "A Time to Kill", where Worf is put in a situation where he has to chose between loyalty to Picard / The Federation and loyalty to Martok.
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    There's a Deep Space Nine novel called Vengeance where the station is captured by Klingons during the Federation-Klingon hostilities, and Worf has some loyalty issues, especially as the mindwiped Kurn is in the Klingon force.
  4. PKS8304

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    While not dealing with those characters a New Frontier novel that tackles that story theme is the dilemma Mark McHenry faces in "Being Human"
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    its a shame they never really answered this conflict in the series
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    I think it's in Worlds of DS9, but it -may- be in Tales of the Dominion War, where we finally get to find out what Kira and Odo talked about in Dax's bathroom. IIRC that's pertinent to the subject.
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    I seem to remember something along these lines in the DS9 novel Heart of the Warrior, which features Odo meeting Changelings while on a mission in the Gamma Quadrant.
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    I haven't read the TNG or DS9-YA or even finished the DS9 (adult novel) stories, but the Day Of Honor mini-series featured 3 stories with Worf, and 2 with Alexander. There might've been something in that series.