Does anyone else cry like a baby...

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' started by GeneHunt, Aug 12, 2009.



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  1. nx1701g

    nx1701g Admiral Admiral

    Jun 26, 2001
    2001 - 2016

    To me it kinda sounds like they wanted her for something new, or at least that's how it was interpreted, and she demanded a higher price than they could afford.
  2. PSGarak

    PSGarak Commodore Commodore

    Jul 24, 2009
    PSGarak takes candy from babies.
    It's a shame it went down that way.
  3. apenpaap

    apenpaap Commodore Commodore

    Last time I watched the episode, my eyes went musty twice: during the flashbacks and when Damar died. The second part is really the strangest of all: seven episodes ago I would've been cheering.
  4. Geckothan

    Geckothan Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Mar 7, 2009
    People's Republic of Britainistan
    The first time I watched it, yes. I don't now I've seen it endless times though.
  5. Mistral

    Mistral Vice Admiral Admiral

    Dec 5, 2007
    Between the candle and the flame
    Me too.
  6. Danoz

    Danoz Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Sep 19, 2006
    New York, NY
    When it came to the flashback of O'Brien and Bashir playing darts I definitely felt the tears coming.

    Now let's keep this to ourselves ;)
  7. RandyS

    RandyS Vice Admiral Admiral

    Nov 9, 2007
    Nope. But, that scene IS one of my favorites of the whole show. I liked how they merged the DS9 theme with the Sinatra song.
  8. Bobatiel

    Bobatiel Commodore Commodore

    Feb 11, 2000
    I thought this thead was going to be about The Visitor.
  9. DestinyCaptain

    DestinyCaptain Commander Red Shirt

    I get a litte sad. This mostly because my dad died when I was a kid, and the image of Jake looking out the window obviously waiting for Sisco to return reminds me of that time. I am also still a little annoyed that they short Cirroc Loftton on his character stuff in the final run. The father/ son dynamic was an important part of DS9 when it started.
  10. Red Ranger

    Red Ranger Admiral In Memoriam

    May 20, 2005
    New York City, the greatest city in the world!
    The only DSN ep that really brought tears to my eyes is The Visitor, which it was supposed to, as it was written as a tear-jerker. Also, Far Beyond the Stars chokes me up a bit, too, when Benny yells, "It's reeeeaaallll". Really felt for the guy. -- RR
  11. nx1701g

    nx1701g Admiral Admiral

    Jun 26, 2001
    2001 - 2016
    I never did at the montage in WYLB - but I did get emotional during those scenes because it kinda becomes real when you watch them that the show really is over.

    Now the scenes in The Visitor still get me every time.
  12. JayOwl

    JayOwl Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jul 19, 2009
    The Shire.
    I almost cried at the end of Duet and The Visitor. After I finished What you leave behind I got a bit emotional becuase I'd just finished the entire seires of DS9 :(. The flashbacks where moving as well because as I said, it was the end of the series.
  13. judge alba

    judge alba senior street judge Commodore

    Apr 7, 2008
    mega city 1
    Nope, cant say I do now. though saying that i was a little misty eyed when it first came out, realising there isnt any more ds9