Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

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    28. The Power of Three
    Kate Stewart
    Kate sees the Doctor for the first time as she enters the Williams' house.

    So this is the Doctor. Who helped UNIT all those years ago. Daddy was right, he's very mysterious...

    29. A Town Called Mercy

    Marshall Isaac
    Who is this mysterious new 'Doctor' who has arrived. Who is he to tell us what to do with Jex? To ask us to turn him over to the Gunslinger?

    30. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
    Brian Williams
    So you are the 'Raggedy Man' that Amy has been talking about since her childhood? But who are you that you run about seemingly mad? Are Rory and Amy safe? Could you tell me that?

    31. Asylum of the Daleks

    Dalek Prime Minister
    Who are you, Doctor, to question what we find beautiful?

    One Planetary Explosion Later

    Doctor Who? Doctor Who? DOCTOR WHO?

    32. The Name of the Doctor
    Clara Oswald (Impossible Girl)
    The Doctor, I've saved him. But why is there a secret incarnation? What was it that was done in the name of peace and sanity that wasn't done in the name of the Doctor?

    33. Nightmare in Silver
    Emporer 'Porridge'
    Who is this 'Doctor' who was able to resist a partial Cyberconversion. How was he able to do that? How was it that he wasn't instantly converted? How was it, Doctor, that your companion was able to take control of the punishment patrol?

    34. The Crimson Horror
    Mrs. Gillyflower
    Who's this 'Doctor' fellow who has interfered with our plans? Why must he meddle so? We will show him...

    35. Hide
    Who are you, Doctor? I can't 'read' you like other people, but you seem, so, old, and lonely...

    36. Cold War
    Grand Marshall Skaldak
    Doctor! Why do you want to save this pitiful world? What is it to you? Who are these people to you? Who are they that you would protect them?

    37. The Rings of Akhaten
    Who is this Doctor who tried to save us from Grandfather and failed? How did he and Clara get here. He's very mysterious.

    38. The Bells of Saint John

    Clara Oswald
    Why has he asked me to travel with him? In that alien box of his? Is he lonely?

    39. The Snowmen
    Clara Oswin Oswald
    Wow! Who is this man that travels in this box that is smaller on the outside than the inside?

    40. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
    Madge Arwell
    Who is this Doctor, who is able to do all this?
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    Jul 26, 2001
    41. The Wedding of River Song
    Amelia Pond (Alternate)
    How is the Doctor going to get time moving again? What is his plan?

    42. Closing Time
    Alfie Owens (Stormagedden)

    How does he know the name I have given himself. How was he able to save my Dad?

    43. The God Complex

    How was the Time Lord able to defeat me?

    44. The Girl Who Waited
    Amelia Pond (The Girl Who Waited)

    Why has he taken so long to get back to me? Raggedy Man, why?

    45. Night Terrors
    Who is this man who thinks he can help George overcome his fears?

    46. Let's Kill Hitler

    Meldoy Pond/River Song (Mels incarnation)

    So this is the Raggedy Man that Amy has talked about since she was seven? He's cute.

    47. A Good Man Goes to War

    Madame Kovarian
    You think you're so clever. But I will win. The Time Lords will be extinct. I'll make sure of that.

    48. The Doctor's Wife

    I don't see how you can defeat me when all those other Time Lords didn't...
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    Jul 26, 2001
    49. A Christmas Carol
    Who is this Doctor to tell me how to run my planet? How does he get off telling people what to do?!

    50. The Big Bang
    Augustus Pond
    So, Amelia's stories appear to be true... Interesting, How did you get in the house fourteen years ago?

    51. The Time of the Doctor
    Tasha Lem
    The Doctor, how is it that he stays on Trenzalore, defending it against the greatest foes that the universe has to offer?

    52. The Pandorica Opens
    River Song
    How soon will he get here. I can't wait...

    53. The Lodger
    Craig Owens
    Who is this crazy man? How did he stop that spaceship thing above my house?

    54. Vincent and the Doctor
    Vincent van Gogh
    What a man! But what sorrow! What happened? And what secrets! What is he hiding from Amy?

    55. The Vampires of Venice
    Doctor! Why are you so protective of this planet?. We Saturnynes have more potential!
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    Jul 26, 2001
    56. Time Heist
    Karabraxos (future)
    The Doctor, he can help me change the past. But why would he help someone like me?

    57. The Caretaker
    Danny Pink
    Who are you Doctor? What sort of aristocratic civilisation do you come from? Why do they let you run around doing whatever it is you do? How is it that you have a hold on Clara? That she wants to continue 'going on adventures' with you? What happened between you that she wants to continue?

    58. Listen
    Rupert Pink
    Who are these people who helped me face my fear?
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    Dr. Who.....vs the BORG? Hmmmm who is his companion, why has he come and at what time?