Do you think we'll ever see Bessie again?

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Capt_Pickirk, Jan 26, 2013.

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    As was depicted in "Parting of the Ways" with Rose and a Dalek guarding her, simply materialize and dematerialize the TARDIS around Bessie. But since the last time we saw Bessie (relative to the Doctor's time-line) was in BattleField, the Brig probably had it stored for the Doctor whenever he should return.


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    ^ If that's the case, it's a shame Kate didn't mention Bessie in The Power Of Three.

    "Dad kept something just in case you came back"
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    Love the idea of the Doc visiting '70s-'80s UNIT. He'd have to make sure to tell them "if the other bloke you know comes back around, don't tell him I was here". As for cars, they really need to bring back the Whomobile, cell phone and all. WHAT a contraption.
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    When the doctor left unit the brig put bessie in storage in case the doctor ever needed her again(battlefield), like to see the whomobile again.
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    Well, now that the Sarah Jane Chronicles are over, we could use a kid-friendly Doctor Who Spin off. Imagine:

    The Bessie Files

    Bessie is given an AI program of some kind and has kids run around solving mysteries with her. But get this: All of the mysteries involve aleins! And maybe Bessie can go through time or something. Also, Bessie gets a regeneration sequence in the first episode after being shot down by aleins of some sort.