Do you have a fav scene?

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    Here's some Seven scenes you might appreciate.

    TUVOK: You may not want to know.


    This just makes me chuckle!

    SEVEN: I am Borg.


    Ahhh, I knew if I looked long enough, I'd find Exodus' fav scene!

    COMPUTER: Access granted.


    Oh lord, this one makes me cry... especially since Mama Janeway failed our "girl" this time. Sniff sniff.

    ONE: You will adapt.


    Okay... must stop crying and start laughing.

    The EMH is SUCH a letch!


    And laugh some more...

    SEVEN: MY visial processors and motor cortex are malfunctioning.


    I must admit, although the cat suit doesn't bother me like it does others... I do prefer her "this" way.

    SEVEN: It is an efficient design.


    I love it when Seven can pull the emotional card ON Janeway!

    SEVEN: Captain, when you take me from the Borg you are going to tell me that part of being human is learning to trust. Trust me, now.