Disliking Marge Simpson

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    I can't stand Marge Simpson from "The Simpsons". She passes herself off as liberal... yet is far from it. She wants everyone to believe the same things and for everyone to mind their Ps and Qs. She believes in the supremacy of her really fringey denomination of Protestant Christianity and forces her husband and children to attend church in the middle of a freaking blizzard rather than just not go. She also doesn't like accepting that she has a very limited world view - when she states that Lil' Vicki Valentine's singing, dancing and smile brought America right out of the Great Depression and Lisa reminds her that it was actually World War 2 that did that, rather than admit she's stupid, Marge snaps "don't smart-mouth". She's insufferable.
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    I've always hated Lisa.
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    I don't think Marge considers herself conservative or liberal. And making her family go to church, didn't that episode air in the 90s when Simpsons was considered a bastion of amoral anti-family values and going to church was considered a social duty? Later when Lisa became Buddhist Marge supported her completely.

    I have objections to taking away somebody's liberal card because they don't check every box you do. Marge wants a quiet, happy family life, empathizes with *everyone*, and supports anyone's right to live the way they want to. She's not liberal because she likes old school politeness and manners and wants everyone to get along? Gimme a break.

    The character I've always thought was overrated was Homer, to be honest. Half is jokes are falling down or getting hit, the other half are that he's dumb, and he's got the running joke of being negligent to Marge's emotional needs (Until the last minute). In a way he represents the quintessential middle American, well intended gullible dummy. I don't dislike him, but I think the episodes that focus entirely around him are the weakest.

    And also they need to seriously work on their secondary cast. All of them being one note semi-mocking stereotypes may have been expected in the 90s but it doesn't work in 2018.

    Kind of ironic how Simpsons has reversed polarity on the public morality spectrum. In the 1990s it was considered immoral for not showing a wholesome family, and now for showing too many racial stereotypes and too wholesome a family.
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    I hate people. But I love gatherings. Isn't that ironic?
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    Russia Occupied America
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    I think all of the above is the point of the character. She's human.
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    Sickbay, dammit.
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    I do like Marge.
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    I like that The Simpsons characters are multi-faceted enough that we can still be debating their morality, opinions, and failings decades later.

    Marge has always reminded me very much of my own mother. She's good with people, wants to be liked and is generally kind to others, puts others before herself...but then has this disapproving, judgmental side that occasionally comes out when something doesn't quite fit her idea of what's appropriate. I don't necessarily like or dislike Marge, I just appreciate that she is written to be realistic in this way.
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    Why does it matter if the character is liberal? All that matters is if she is funny and she is kind of funny. Not a favorite. but she is okay. Me I think she is a liberal. Liberals go to church and get annoyed with their kids and do all the things you described. She is simply how most people are in real life and that is non-political. She like anyone has her beliefs and shares them but doesn't need them validated by the internet. Thinks you make change by voting or taking a active part of the community instead of heading off to Twitter to let who knows who their feelings of the day.

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    A liberal who shouts down anyone who disagrees with them? Fancy that, so unrealistic. That never happens in reality. Oh wait....
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