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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by John Picard, Oct 1, 2008.

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    The radio in my 1997 Dodge Ram has been problematic for quite a while. The tape deck doesn't work well and the biggest problem is the volume control. In cold weather, when I first set off on my drive, the volume knob is useless. Attempts to decrease the volume are met by the radio performing the opposite to the point I almost go deaf, while attempting the increase the volume level equals the "mute" function of a television. The radio isn't worth the cost to repair, so I've been thinking of getting a new radio that is satellite compatible, with a CD player and iPod ready, etc. With that in mind, I've been thinking of getting a radio that can also receive digital signals. As I understand it, just about every large city has an amazing number of digital channels with many offerings. I'm curious if anyone here has a digital radio and is willing to supply feedback. I'm undecided if I will even bother to subscribe to satellite since a friend of mine stated that satellite is getting as bad as regular commercial radio in regards to repeating songs. I'm trying to escape that as the market where I live is very limited and the classic rock station on my dial plays way too much Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones.
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    I have XM. I love it. It does tend to replay some of the same songs, but that's only if you're listening to Top Tracks or something similar. I've found a couple of stations that I really enjoy called Rock @ Random and Deep Tracks. I also like to have if for MLB, NHL, and NCAA football. There are promo codes out there for free activation and three months free. If you can find a cheap receiver, I'd check it out.
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    Perhaps I will get one that is XM ready.
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    Satellite Radio is NOT Digital Radio.
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    No kidding :rolleyes: