"Die Standing", Peter David and Finnegan

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    I would love to know what Peter David thinks of the Finnegan character in the novel "Die Standing."

    How about the rest of you?

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    Why would he care?

    Oh, I know you're making a reference to the fact that Peter David had a different take on Finnegan in his comics, but I don't see how a novel written today that contradicts that would bother him. He didn't care back in 2016 when Beyond made Sulu gay in contradiction of what he wrote in The Captain's Daughter, he won't care how Die Standing depicts Finnegan.
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    To be sure, JJM puts Finnegan exactly in position for his eventual appearance aboard the Enterprise-A in 2286 (in David's "Who Killed Captain Kirk?" storyline in DC TOS Vol. 1, #54-55), by
    having Finnegan join the Federation Security Agency at the novel's end (plus Finnegan decides to start growing a beard in the novel, which is likewise consistent with his eventual DC Comics-appearance).
    I can't remember right offhand if there are any major differences in stuff like characterization between the two tales (it'd be nearly 30 years in the future anyhow, which could account for anything significant), but I loved seeing this in the novel.

    Also interesting to note that JJM used the same full character-name that Peter David gave him in the DC Comics series (“Sean Finnegan”), another nice point of consistency (only one other tale, the Shatner/Reeves-Stevens YA novel Academy: Collision Course, even comes close, with “Shaun Finnegan” used, and with all other offscreen sources that I’m aware of simply referring to him as “Finnegan”).
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