Destiny Trilogy - Totally awesome (spoilers)

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by theblitz, Nov 19, 2013.

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    I finished "Gods of Night" on September 24, 2013. I finished "Mere Mortals" on October 14, 2013. And, I finished "Lost Souls" on October 27, 2013. I was glad that I had read a number of books prior to these. I shall probably measure my Star Trek reading as before Destiny and afterwards.

    I have read many TOS books, most older TNG books and the Time to... series, about half the numbered DS9 books, and next to no VGR books or ENT books. I have watched the TOS and DS9 television series. But not all of the TNG and VGR. Just watching as far as Season 3 of ENT series now. I needed all I could get to better appreciate Destiny. I had read more modern TNG books and Titan too.

    Destiny has some of that 'indistinguishable from magic' appeal. I look forward to reading more about Ezri Dax and the Aventine. "A Singular Destiny" is waiting. I just finished reading the "Gateways" series and wonder if Iconians could have been brought to bear in the Destiny universe.

    I suppose now I can read more of the Titan series as well as Typhon Pact and Vanguard and Cold Equations... so many books to read!