Definitive Proof That Academy Voters Are Ignorant About Animation

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by Shaka Zulu, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. MacLeod

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    Mar 8, 2001
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    I was of course talking from a viewers persepective.
  2. Shaka Zulu

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    Mar 28, 2013
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    You know something? It's about time that they be.
  3. bigdaddy

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    Oct 19, 2007
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    Umm... what's the problem?

    These shows are lame jokes anyways, do you really care what they say? They voted Crash best movie. It should have won the way better Razzy award.
  4. Doctorwhovian

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    May 31, 2014
    I think the Fart Wind Rises was terrible.
  5. JirinPanthosa

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    Nov 20, 2012
    It is unfortunate that in the US animation is stereotyped as being for children.

    But if they're only going to nominate kids movies, then don't just say "These aren't for me so I abstain", you can still make judgments about which film executed the craft the most successfully.

    And, err... did that critic just confess in writing to child endangerment?