Deck 13?

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    During the space jump scene, one of Marcus' crew members alerts him that an airlock had been open on Deck 13 of the Vengeance, which as we know was due to Scotty opening it for Kirk and Khan to enter the ship. Is it just me or is that an awfully low numbered deck to be that low on such a supposedly massive ship? The airlock in question is shown to be in the mid to lower secondary hull of the Vengeance. On the Enterprise D that area would be somewhere around Deck 30. For Deck 15 to be that low on the Vengeance that would make her just about the size of Voyager. I'm not sure what it is with Trek writers not being able to get deck numbers right, as Generations and First Contact both couldn't seem to get it right.

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    King Daniel Beyond
    Did you see how high the ceiling in the hangar where they boarded? And in the engineering areas where Khan, Scotty and Kirk fought Marcus' security guys? These new ships don't adhere to the standard deck heights of TNG-era Trek.
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    Getting deck numbers wrong goes as far back as Trek V when the Enterprise A suddenly has 78 decks and they're numbered in the reverse order (deck 78 was at the top when that's supposed to be deck 1). The TNG movies were constantly inconsistent about the Enterprise E's deck count. Nothing new here.
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    The saucer is incredibly thin and houses very few decks, relying on the surface area mostly.

    The stardrive has an unusual warehouse like size to each deck making them very tall, and the secondary hull seems to be a lot more compartmentalised than other ships. Probably how the ship survived the torpedo detonation.